Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cosplay Questionnaire

1. What got you into cosplay?/How did you start?
I don’t think I can really call myself a cosplayer, but the thing that got me into cosplay was definitely the Japanese Rock, visual kei style. I just love how over the top the outfits are.
I started of with this super lame closet cosplay for my first convention (I think), Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2006. 

2. Who was your first cosplay?
Officially, my first cosplay was Aoi from the GazettE. 

3. Do you prefer to make or buy your cosplay? 
I definitely prefer making it. It’s all I’ve ever really done anyways. (Except for the GazettE cosplay, because I bought the tour shirt… but that’s whatever~)

4. What websites for buying cosplay do you recommend?
Can’t really say, but I wouldn’t buy cosplays on eBay. When worn, they come off kind of cheap looking ^^;; Unless you know the store has really great quality that is. 

5. Does anyone inspire you to cosplay?
Definitely! Cosplayers that I look up to and friends who do cosplay… so much better then I do haha

Alodia & Jin - Dream of Doll

Cvy & Koshinaka - Dissida: Final Fantasy

Amie Lynn - Elsword Online

6. What is your best cosplay moment? 
One of the best cosplay moments that I have is just whenever I gender bend, and ladies think I’m such a hot male. Very fun~ 

7. What is your worst cosplay moment?
Probably just the horror of what I wore to my first few conventions, like omg, terrible. But I mean, it’s kinda necessary to go through that so that you know how to cosplay/dress better. 

8. Best compliment you’ve received dressed in cosplay? 
“That is such a hot guy” or versions like that, and things like, “you really depict that character so well!!” Positive feedback in general is always so nice and always make me to work harder on cosplays. 

9. Worst comment you’ve received dressed in cosplay?
I dunno… I’ve really kept under the radar of mainstream cosplays, so I don’t get a lot of “hate”

10. What components make up a cosplay?
The costume itself, hair, makeup (the eye shape or stuff like that~) and possibly props. 

11. How do you decide on who to cosplay?
If there’s a character that I just really love or if their outfit is really awesome.
That’s really all it takes for me to decide hahah Also, if the character has my hair color, then it makes an even bigger influence, ‘cause then I don’t have to buy the wig. x)

13. Do you have any process when starting a cosplay?  
Since I make my cosplays, I usually start off with, where I can buy the wig (if needed) and once that’s figured out, I go about finding the material for the cosplay. Once the material is bought, I go and make the pattern so that it fits me. 
Once sewing, it’s all trial and error from there until it fits. If there are props, I usually make them in between sewing annd yeaaaah, that’s all that I can really say about that. 

14. Do you wear wigs when you cosplay? 
Barely! haha, I usually just style my hair like the character since I usually go for characters with my hair color. 

15. What are the best websites for buying wigs? 
There are actually a couple of eBay wig shops that I find amazing buut, it’s been forever since I bought a wig and can’t remember xD;;

16. Do you prefer to cosplay alone or in a group?
I’ve only done single cosplays but there are some groups that I’m about to join for future cosplays. 

17. Is there a cosplay you’re currently working on? If so, what is it?
Just one for Taiyou~ 
It’s a group cosplay with A, and it’s Aiko from Say I Love You. (A will be Tachibana ;D)

18. How do you get into character? 
I usually get in character when I’m driving to the con area. In that time I just focus on how the character would act and all that jazz and go from there. /vague~

19. Do you cosplay for anything specific or just for fun?
Specifically, I guess for conventions? but altogether it’s all for fun. 

20. What cosplay of yours are you most proud of?
I’m proud of my Ruki (Taion PV) cosplay. Sewed that in such a short amount of time and it turned out really great. I think if I just styled my wig, it would have been a really big success. Maybe in the future!

21. What cosplay of yours are you least fond of? 
I don’t think I have one really. I’m proud with all the things I’ve sewn O u O

22. Where do you keep your cosplay?
In my closet~

23. What is cosplay to you? 
Cosplay is entertainment. Whether for yourself or others, yer sharing what you love and hope that others feel the same way. It’s fun and exciting but definitely hard work. 
In the end, it’s how you feel towards the cosplay and if people hate it, who cares. 

24. How long have you been into cosplay?
Officially… about 5 years maybe. 

25. Have you ever had a cosplay not turn out? How so? 
Uhm, I can’t recall any not turning out, but if they don’t turn out, they just didn’t get done in time. 

26. What cosplay have you done? 
  • Aoi & Uruha - the GazettE (GazeRock is not dead)
  • Ruki - the GazettE (Taion PV & DIM Scene encore outfit)
  • Lickitung gijinka - Pokemon
  • Zull - the Candy Spooky Theater (Exocist PV)
  • Ryuutaro - Plastic Tree (Tremolo PV)
  • girl in red dress from the GazettE’s Guren PV
  • Kyuubey gijinka - Madoka Magica 

  • Rursus - DDR song: Xepher
  • Mello - Death Note
  • genderbent Captain Jack Harkness - Torchwood/Dr. Who

27. How many cosplay do you have?
Like legitimate outfits? uhm… around 12 I guess

28. Is there any pattern to the type of characters you cosplay? (hair color, personality, etc)
For sure. Hair color is important, I usually go for brunette/dark haired. 
Definitely a character with a strong personality and sometimes male~

29. Has anyone ever requested you to cosplay a certain character?
Yes! I’ve had requests like: Melfina from Outlaw Star, Nana from Nana, Ryo from Girugamesh and Leona from League of Legends. 

30. What do you think makes up a good cosplay?
I think accuracy and being in character makes up a good cosplay. A decent quality of the costume itself and just, the overall enjoyment of who yer cosplaying. Cosplaying is supposed to be fun and it’s just another way of showing yer interests to others. 

31. What are your thoughts on props? 
If you really try, they’ll look so siiiiiicccckkkkkk~ Props are awesome. 

32. On average, how much do you spend on a completed cosplay?
Ha! On average, I would have to say, I’ve spent around $70-$100 depending on details/possible wig&props. 

33. What is your dream cosplay? 
Leona from League of Legends!! 

34. What are the first three things that come up in your mind when you hear ‘cosplay‘?
  1. Where?
  2. Who?
  3. What? hahahah
35. When cosplaying what do you feel is most important? (ex. Detail , character portrayal,ect.)
I think the most important about cosplaying is kind of.. everything~ detail, accuracy, and getting into character
36. Everyone has a pet peeve when it comes to cosplay. What is yours?
One of my pet peeves when it comes to cosplay is just being impolite. Like, if you see yer favorite character being cosplayed (and it’s really good), you shouldn’t go attack/glomp/etc them~ There are other people around that could get caught up in the action and it could ruin the person’s cosplay. 

Thanks for reading!

Inspiring cosplayers: 
Cvy & Koshinaka as Onion Knight and Terra Branford |
Amie Lynn as Eve (Code Empress) |