Sunday, March 27, 2011

Worst five fashions of 2010

No. 02:

Baggy pants.

It's ridiculous how much of a boys bosom I see everyday at school. Before, baggy pants were okay. The pants would bag a little, but I would catch boys actually pull them up ( this is what a belt is for). Now, it's beyond peeveful (inside joke with Sam); boys would actually have their pants bagged below their anal cleft.

Do you even know what that means? Every time I see it, I always question if that boy is just asking for it.

What's also bad is that they would wear a belt while having the pants below their cleft. This is why they're walking like dinosaurs.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

take the chance

don't miss the opportunity.
-- Henri Esteban

This is probably a bit late of a post. At least it'll be posted now. ;)

So my birthday was quite a while ago (January) and since then I've acquired five ( 05 ) pairs of boots! It's only March, and five pairs in three months is pretty epic, no?

Nature Breeze in Grey. I bought them at Azhara's for $30. (Half off!)

Black combat boots. Free. A friend of mine gave them to me. :)

White Doc Martins. $75 (eBay).

Blowfish Grey 2 tone flannel. $14.99 (originally $50)

Shiekh Dark brown suede. $54
Both of the last two were given to me from my mum.

On another note, I lately read volumes 01-05 of Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi. I haven't read something like this in a really long time and it just enlightens me. I then found out the other day that there's an anime and a drama!
My dilemma though, is that I need the last three volumes. So I thought, "Hey, I'll just go to Samurai Comics and see if they have Marmalade Boy".

My naivety showing, it was just a comic store. There was a small corner of anime related merchandise, but that was pretty much it. However, my trip there did not get wasted. I found a Howl's Moving Castle puzzle for only $5:

I'm really excited for this because I love puzzles and yeah, it's a Ghibli film ! In the corner it even says "Approved by Ghibli". (Right at this moment, a HMC song came on haha!)

Since we're on a Ghbili film topic, one day I woke up and looked at my wall. I don't know if this applies to home outside of Arizona, but our walls have these blobs of shapes. I just stare for a while until I notice that one blob looks like Totoro's friend!

Sorry, my camera wouldn't focus enough because it's pretty small.

I instantly grabbed one of my ink pens and drew on some eyes! I then look somewhere else and I found the other one~

I didn't realize till now that he only has one row of those shapes. Oh well! haha.

I must find a manga store in my area soon! !

Also, I had a photo shoot with SuanTian again on Thursday. I don't have the photos yet, but just keep a look out for the post.
I'll also continue my posts of "5 Worst fashions of 2010".


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worst five fashions of 2010

A friend of mine just started a blog once the new year began, and he had this cool idea of "My ten best games of 2010" and that inspired me to start "worst five fashions of 2010".

Finally, I will now talk about the worst five fashion ideas of 2010.

No. 01:

Leggings as pants.

I first saw this when it was lunch time at school. It was getting colder in AZ, so everyone was breaking out their sweaters and leggings.

Now I'm totally fine with leggings, I wear them myself. Either with shorts (when going for a Korean look or under a skirt when it gets too cold).
However, I would never be caught to wear them as a pair of pants. I just don't like the sight of skimpy fabric hugging butt cheeks.

I've seen this countless of times in 2010 with people at school. All they did was wear a longer shirt over it. It was never appealing and looked a bit trashy. Almost as bad when boys wear their pants below their butt and wear a belt at the same time.


Bloodline Games / My ten best games of 2010 |

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A worthy cause

'Tsunami' - Larxy & Cho

This is a collaboration piece I did with a good friend a while ago in time for Taiyou Con. It's entitled, "Tsunami" and it's obviously heavily inspired by the Asian/Japanese culture.

Because of it being "favorited" today on deviantART, I realized how odd it's relevant to what has happened in the last 24 hours. Impulsively, I've decided that:

If you buy this print, I will donate all the money earned, to those in Japan.

You heard right, all profit earned by those who buy this print, will be donated.

Print: $5
Shipping: $3

I accept money orders!

Please help this cause! !

and Thank you for the support!

You can check my tumblr post: