Sunday, December 5, 2010

A mad haste

Photo shoot - 04 December 2010
Photographer - GP Photo
Model - Larxy

Outfit - White button down shirt with a black blazer. White and black cravat. Black boot cut pants. Creepers. Chained top hat.
Plus a gun.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day in Life of Larxy.

I planned today of all days to record (or try to) of Wednesday the 24th, day before Thanksgiving. It has been cold in the mornings in Arizona, and I mean 6 am in the morning.

The picture is kinda bad... but I actually like the turnout. I got off the bus at that moment, so stopping to take this picture was not ideal. Plus... I was freezing. Nevertheless, the sun rise was so beautiful! I must say, November is the best month to be taking sun rise pictures.

On to my day, I was "forced" to watch a Knee Replacement video. It wasn't gruesome, but I was a bit squeamish. Things like that are reasons why I don't follow my mum's advice and become a Doctor or nurse. Nuh-huh. Not gonna happen.
Also found out that you can buy Harry Potter merch on this one site! ( ). I fangirled... quite a bit.
*cough. My birthday is coming up cough*

Something special about this day, I wore my black chucks. Not something special for you, but I've had these shoes for 3 years now and worn down as they are, my attachment to them is still great. These chucks were my very first pair and I thought it honorable to wear them on the first time I donate blood.

You heard right, I donated blood. I always try and keep an open mind to new things and this is one thing I really wanted to experience. Plus, saving a life~ (and the free juice and cookies! hahah)

"Be a Hero - Be a Blood Donor!"

It would have been nice to talk with someone at that time, but deep thinking was more appreciated. I've figured that when it comes to sewing, it can be easy. The only hard thing is time. I'm great at managing time, but with sewing, it's a whole different story. It's like looking for more time out of a day. Which is impossible.
I also thought about the differences between traditional and digital art. I've done more digital art lately, and my art class mates believe it's fake art. The only reason they're saying this, I think, is because they've never tried it. Yes, digital art to an extent can be fake but when actually something from scratch, how is that fake? I've figured that if a person does digital art, they would know the basics of traditional art.

'Cause seriously... you need a steady hand when doing line art x 3 x;;

I'd like to know yer opinion on traditional vs. digital art.

For the first time, I actually thought about this weird storyline about the 12 Zodiacs. Probably not going to be made into some manga/comic, but... it would make a cool art series. Which seems so much easier. Whether do the style of the art/styling more traditional or have grotesque is still in thought process.

My first intentions for this sketch was Capricorn, but with more thought, it went towards Taurus. Ahaha

To end my school day, we pass by this "factory" everyday. I've always wanted to take pictures near there. It'd be bad ass. And the clouds! If they're there, I always look up at them on the way home.

It was a good day to start of this amazing weekend.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Asian Parent(s)

this picture doesn't relate to anything. Just the fact that my Asian Parent is mum~

Anyways, this is just something I found quite... true... when I talk to my [Filipino] mum.

Situation #1

Asian Parent: *YELLS*
Asian Kid: *responds calmly*

^This happens most with me.

Situation #2

Asian Parent: *YELLS*
Asian Kid: *says nothing*

Situation #3

Asian Parent: *YELLS*
Asian Kid: *YELLS*
*beats the crap out of asian kid*


Say what?

Under Construction baby! ;D

For who knows how long~

if yer blog is going under construction, you can use this drawing or ask and I'll replace my face with yers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Facts

Just random facts that come to mind when I'm not paying attention teheheh.

01. Burlington Coat Factory seriously freaks me out.
Because it's so huge and filled with so many things is cool, but on top of that with how crowded it is scares me. Which leads me to number two

02. I am claustrophobic.
Places like Burlington make me hyperventilate really badly.

03. I don't tolerate tardiness. I may be tardy sometimes for a planned event, but because I'm no the one driving, I don't see it as my fault for being late.

04. It's come to my attention that I should make a JRock hair&makeup tutorial. I want to, but I need a video camera.

05. I've been booked to do some modeling for someone! I'm not getting paid, but... it's a first for using a different photographer after using Suantian many times hahah

06. I'm still stuck between going to a University or an Art school @ 3 @
Which goes into

07. Why do older people say that I'll change my mind after 2 years of college? It just makes me want to defy that "fact" and have a stronger urge to do what I want.

08. Had a photo shoot last night. On the light rail. Oh yes.

09. My standards of cleaning are very high.
Thanks to my Asian parent!

10. I have sensitive gums.

I think 10 is good. : D

November 22 - 6:34p

11. I don't like people (high schoolers, hey~) They don't understand that first impressions can also be a bad thing

12. I go to school for education. Not to have sex and/or do drugs in the bathroom.

13. I believe in God and am active in my church. Intense inspiration is found there.

14. GodPop and I will be buying a condo when I'm out of of high school. We have big plans for that condo.

15. I flirt with everyone and believe everyone should get the opportunity to feel: loved, worthy, beautiful. :D

-Tcaho for now

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 minutes Left.

I have come down with some sickness, and it sucks because I can't take medicine.
Ever since my hive breakout, I don't know what exactly I'm allergic to and so taking any kind of medicine might trigger it.

It's quite... annoying. The situation really.

Almost like this drawing by

So many thoughts, issues, etc are coagulating to my head. Which gives reason for my major headache at the moment too.

I don't feel any negative emotion... I just feel time is running out.

Creating a new header/background for the blog. Just have to learn HTML... OTL... LOL!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not retornable

First Friday was last night and I finally got to hang out with Kevin.
It has been a while since I really hung out with him and talked to him. (Closest male friend I have)

We get some retornable bottles:

How epic is that?

Other than breathing & smelling like smoke, it was a pretty good night.

Now I must hang out with GODPOP.

We have a table together for Taiyou Con (yes you heard right!)
and once again, we will probably hardly have actual fan art prints. They're annoying to draw anyways.
Our table theme... punk. The only type of people I really see coming to our table are the ones interested in:

JPunk fashion
not fan art
annnd... people looking for cheap commissions.

What of Dictator Fantasyland?
GodPop and I will be making & selling strait jackets.

I know I'm excited for that !

We'll also be working on new prints/collaborations.

Simple fashion illustrations are nice.

It's also been going around secretly that I'm taking clothing commissions. Jackets are really wanted, but thank you to the ones who are commissioning me. I only hope to make them as great as you expect.

I'm off to Good Will to look even more fierce.

-Tchao for now

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Ploy

Is Perfect.

My ploy after high school is to go to Fashion School and master fitted outfits (suits, jackets, pants, etc).

Why? What's so great about fitted clothes?

Uhm... they're FIERCE...
and, the ploy is to master this so well, that when I go abroad (say, S.Korea), all boy bands (TVXQ, Super Junior) will want to commission me for my fantastically made fitted suits ! Once becoming successful, Ruki will see one of my designs one day and ask me to style him!


The Ploy is Perfect.

.... this was more of an inside joke, but I do want to be amazing in making fitted pieces. It will be fierce.

-Tchao for now

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Child play

I move too much in my sleep. If I didn't, then I would actually wake up with the bear that I grabbed the night before.

I love the feeling when waking up in the morning and contentment is all around me. It reminds me when I was a kid and I didn't have to keep in mind of all the things I do now.

Bringing out my inner child, I took some photos today.

Doll Make-up / Hair by me.
Paopu plush by friend.

-Tcaho for now

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I don't think I'm as strong as I lead myself on to be.

I want to fly so far away from here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friendship and Love.

I've been thinking lately about different concepts in and about life, and one thing that has constantly returned is the concept of love.
I find it questionable when high schoolers get a "significant other" and then a day/week/month later it's all "I love you so much, muah", when they don't really know the feeling of passion.

It's more of infatuation really.

To my actual question,

If I know about these reaction(s), would I do the same when in high school or if I waited, would it be like that in later years...
would it be an easier relationship since we're not taking time on the heavy infatuation?
There's no doubt about it that there's infatuation, and attraction tied into a relationship... if not, where's the spark? The appeal of the other person?
I've wondered lately too why it's so hard to maintain a relationship or to even start one. I was told love can't be half assed. That seems pretty easy to follow, yet others seem incapable of doing it. Is it because one has to love themselves first to then love another human being? These two things seem to so easy in my eyes because when I love someone or something, I give it my all to keep it in my interests.

I know everyone deserves love and I try my best to show it to them: flirting.
At the moment, I don't like any gender, (don't get me wrong, I have my attractions to males) but that doesn't stop me though from flirting with both genders.
For males, flirting is a way to show my interest. That, "Hey, I see you over there ;D"
Females... I like to feel beautiful and complimented about it, so I flirt with females to show that, in my eyes and anyone else who sees it, you're beautiful too.

Another concept that I've been thinking about recently is friendship. I think it's due to the fact that I'm having a Cho&Saint withdrawal. They're both away on adventures and I miss them dearly.

Those two were the two that I could confide in the most about life and when I just felt like shit (in other words, complain to while they didn't judge me).
So they both left and I've turned to some others who I thought ideal to just substitute for those two.

The worst thing about that was that... I confided to them so much of what has happened and yet, I feel I got dipped from this friendship.

I'm pouring my heart (sometimes) to them and yet, when I hear something new from them, it's from a secondary source. Am I not worthy of their friendship? Am I not good enough? Do I not understand because I'm only this age?

What's the point of a friendship if it's only going half-way? If it's so hard for a person to express themselves to me and yet they can easily do it to other people, then I don't want to be in that friendship. It's not worth the 'heartaches' since those should be towards actual relationships.

Those are my thoughts.

-Tcaho for now

Sunday, October 24, 2010



I spent my day yesterday in Tempe. Probably the life of Arizona (because the west side is a bit boring). I met up with Armand and designed some outfits for him. He really likes my plaid jacket [ you know the one ;D ] and... I'm going to make him one! Maybe not plaid though... we'll see.
I've always thought about living in Tempe when I was done with high school or college. Getting a condo and art-ing the crap out of it. Then I thought, "this is Arizona though. Why would I come back?"

I don't think I want to. The only reason I would is to visit, or if a family member/close friend went terribly ill and I just have to come back.

1 and half more year till I'm done with high school! ( cough, I was only 2 when Armand graduated high school LOLOLOL! )
Where am I going? What is my ideal career?

Art/Fashion school fo-sho! Either in California or Columbia right now.
Such far off places, yesh!
( you can just message me on other social networks if you want to know more :D )

but uh, my only problem with those two is that I have no idea what high school requirements are needed cos they never have them on their sites @ @;;

Other news:
I'm having a photo shoot in November on the light rail with friends in Tempe. I'm excited for it, I just have to get some fun stripe material for my skirt and finish it. : D

And a TBA photo shoot with Benjamin (middle person in my banner, hey ;D) I really love this photo

so we're going to do something similar to this.
This is quite a huge step in my modeling time (the nudeness), but... that's really the only concern of mine. I'm okay with the closeness and butt grab.
I gotta think about it.


I'm pretty surprised that I'm doing more girl cosplays. I think it's a sign that I am getting girlier. Or the fact that I see JRock cosplays more of my style/everyday wear. I dunno.
I'll have an epic cosplay for PCC 2011.
I think I'll be attending Comicon in San Diego. I might also have more than one/two ticket(s), so anyone who can drive me there can get that ticket. :D

I SPEAK IT. but not fluently.
Oh yes ;D

-Tchao for now

Monday, October 18, 2010

4 - 3 - 2 - 1 !

There are those car commercials where they have really cool background music to them, and I've been trying to find a recent one, and... I haven't found it yet.
But I did find a past one that I got quite addicted to:

Shiny Toy Gun - Major Tom

Addictions... ohohoho, so sweet, yet so bad ~

-Ciao for now

Friday, October 15, 2010

Response to Debauchery Shop

Dear GodPop,

It's understandable for women (and even men) to dress in uniform to appeal to others. The first thing that pops into my head for that is job interviews. Showing others how responsible ( and clean xD) they are. It may be uniform, but you know me, I like to add a little flavor of myself into what I'm wearing. Some kind of focal point that shows, "She can think for herself and she has the confidence of that".

Which now makes me think Lady Gaga. Yes, it's a never ending cycle of people not being unique and thinking for themselves, but why can't people think for themselves? Why is it so hard for people to stand out? Why must they be part of the norm? (questions I'll be thinking over to show emotions in our photo shoot later haha )

As for men... I don't have deep experiences with them, but... I try to look at them in the better light. Your view and say... my sisters view on men have influenced my opinion on men. With your influence, I know that there are men out there who can be hurtful, then with my sisters influence, I have a more open mind that there also men out there who can be actual gentlemen and be all chivalrous (and all that fun jazz).
With that in mind, I think that's why I'm such a huge flirt/all talk. I'm comfortable with making sensual jokes towards them, but I'm not going to give up something I don't believe in. (I hope that sentence makes sense to you/others reading this).

All this considered, this is why I have older friends. They give me their input on their life and how life was like before, and I take that in and try not to do the same thing. But I still am a teen and sometimes I can't control myself (with my anger most of the time).

Ciao for now,

PS. This song has definitely oozed out a certain emotion which I feel goes along with what we're talking about.

Infinity - The XX

[ thanks to Benjamin & Kim from Resonance ]

To Readers:
This also relates to "Let's Start a Controversy" that was started by "Men: source of anger and motivation" by GodPop. Please read those if you're interested.
Yes, we are arguing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's start a Controversy

My partner in crime, GodPop posted on her blog entitled, MEN: source of anger and motivation.
All in all, she talked about how men are pigs and in her art, that is where her motivation comes. Putting men down and being ashamed of themselves.

At the end, she asked:
"What is a main motivator that you want to create/look for in yours/others' art?"
At first, I was going to answer in that small comment box, but it started to get long. In conclusion, this post is dedicated to her since it's my answer to her question, but if you're reading this, and not GodPop, that's fine too.

It's a great way to knowing who I am as an artist.
My motivation, is like GodPop's, except towards women. Don't get me wrong, I like being a female, showing off what I have, and in general, just being a girl.
Nevertheless, celebrities influence society and society looks down upon anyone who doesn't follow them. Especially with women. Women now use their bodies as accessories and the norm of most women/girls want to be like that.
"Why can't people think for themselves?"
A question that always haunts me.

So my common theme in my art, fashion designs and how I dress and support myself are always filled with lingering questions that I find intriguing, depressing, or just plain simple. The only reason why one other person might not understand is because I'm the only one who has the answers to them.


-Ciao for now

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Je voudrais...

...un montre !!

Korean culture has finally taken it's toll on my life. Hopefully for the better though! ( although my opening is in French!? )

How would it be for the better though? If it's an obsession, that isn't healthy, right?


Sometimes obsessions aren't healthy for the body, but if they get someone to do something active, it's helping them. And by them, I mean me~

( and not just the dancing in front of the mirror )

My first accomplishment was Gee by SNSD aka Girl's Generation.
I only learned up to the chorus though D:

My second one is NU ABO by f(x).
and I am past the chorus!! YER YER YER!

I don't know what it is about NU ABO. Either the odd hopping parts or the fact that I get to lift my shirt.
Some other dances I want to learn:

SNSD - Oh! and Run Devil Run
Rainbow - A
T-Ara - I go Crazy because of You
Lee Jung Hyun - Suspicious Man
4 Minute - HUH/hit your heart

[ my more unachievable list ]

TVXQ - Mirotic & Wrong Number
SHINee - Lucifer
SS501 - Love like This
GDragon - Heartbreaker

You guys should vote on which one in the side barrrrr :D

Uhh, onto my Korean obsession... it's more of a SNSD obsession.
My persona on firefox, icon for my computer, and desktop is all SNSD related.

Yeah, you see that picture on the right?
That's Jessica. I find her more appealing than the other members of SNSD. It's probably the fact that she can pull off the blonde. * ^ *

I will learn Korean and go abroad after art school! CHYEAH!

-Ciao for now ;D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saboten Con 2010 RECAP

I'm going to try and collect all my memories from this weekend.

Disclaimer: Friday = Eventful. Saturday = mind blowing. Sunday = Sexual.

Friday -
The most eventful day.. of course. It was the Japanese Fashion show!
I didn't get to the convention area till 4.00, but I was a bit peeved (Tall-man could feel my bitterness oozing through me) about some things and I just had to get over it and cooled down.
By the time the fashion show came by, we were all heading towards the fashion show room.
I was also short of models and A and I found a guy who fit our style. I give him a HUGE THANKS (and love) for doing this for me/Dictator Fantasyland. And huge props to his friend who supported him in walking the runway.

I will be on the look out for JFashion show pictures teheh

After the show, some close friends stayed behind and I got to hug them with such passion! I haven't seen their handsome/beautiful faces in a long time. It was good flirting catching up with them.

Saturday -
I was late to the convention. I went through quite... an intense experience that hasn't really sunken in yet. On the other hand! ... I dressed up as a random JRocker/Reita inspired (nose fold) outfit, and here's my story for you:
The ladies and I went to QT before going to the convention area. I got my coffee and was waiting in line to pay. One of the workers come by and I set my drink down. He looks at me and says, "Woah... I soo don't need this right now"
I wish I had a picture to show you what I looked liked. But I didn't have a camera all weekend and didn't get to take ANY kind of photo. D:

I also hung out most of the day with Alex! He's the coolest kid on the block. I give him much credit since he introduced me to a ton of Japanese fashion enthusiast (Mister T and Benjamin, since I've mentioned them before on here)

Also had my mind blown Saturday. Setsu, told me about magic tricks by a Mister Benny Wong. Setsu was right. When I saw that first magic trick, my mind was definitely blown.

Sunday -

I also hung out some more with Alex and the amazing Filipino, Armand!!
I was sitting with Armand at his table and he had muffins. Being my odd self, I asked if he liked the top or bottom. Reply: Top I, personally, like the bottom. (hahah, totally not sexual). Then, Armand had this theory that you could twist the top of the muffin off like a bear bottle. Skeptical at first, he did it! It came out perfect and it was his first try too.

This is how amazing Armand is.

After a while or something, I went to Mister T's table and met the person he was sharing a table with. Her name is Hazel. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. CHYEA!

Then Mister Benny Wong and his friend (who's name is "Li" but... I might be wrong) was leaving back to wherever he came from. Hugs goodbye + more magic tricks = us two becoming pen pals & him receiving once of my prints :D

Mister T also came by our table finally. Good thing too, because he bought a Sex Pot ReVeNGe flannel/shirt/thing.
I must say though, he did the hottest smoothest thing that I have ever seen him do:
He went to go get more money to by the shirt and while I was waiting (I'm also on the outside of the table) I was talking to A. I couldn't hear her, so I had to bend over. With my butt open to view, Mister T very smoothly sticks the money in my butt pocket.




Though, I had slight suspicion that V could have done it, 'cause she was standing by me when it happened.

Then the Exhibitor's hall was ending and I went to say bye to everyone. I noticed however that I am pimping/dating so many people that it's not even funny anymore:
Mister T: newest hoe to the collection. we decided our sex names for each other. woah~
V: my girlfriend. she tried cheating on me with Mister Benny Wong. (oh hell nahhh jk)
Shirley: ;D It just happened. we clicked like that... so we hooked up, like that.


I think that's all I can remember. It was a pretty okay weekend. Didn't sell a lot.

J’aime tous art libre j'ai obtenu!!

-Ciao for now

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saboten Con 2010

There's a local anime/manga/otaku convention in 3 days. It will be my third time having an Artist Alley table, but my first time actually having art prints.

I started around summer time on my first print:

Black Rock Shooter.
A friend told me my style of art would look good as fan art for her, but after finishing this print, I felt like I lost myself half way through.
In the end, I decided to not sell this. (As so many people in the beginning disapproved haha)

Here are the prints I will be selling however:

My Neighbor Totoro
Totoro and friends chibi cut out thing!
Oh how I squeal with joy over Totoro.
(also my current persona on fire fox :D)

"Would you like a cup of tea?"
A personal... view? of Mad Hatter derp.
It originally had the March Hare... but I couldn't figure out how I wanted his clothes to be compared to Hatter's.

Mercedes and Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere
They were sooo cute, I couldn't not draw them! Hahah
There are some others that look really cool, so I decided that I would at least get one new one done for whatever upcoming convention.

Myself o w o
My friend Annabel Lee heavily suggested for me to have a self portrait print... that she would buy one if I did.
and I did! xD

My very first print. I am so deeply attached to this print. You have no idea.
I felt I finally achieved my aesthetic in art in this piece and my close friend Okunote water-colored it for me.


Here's a sneak peak of my Ruki print that you can only find here!
Heheheh.... Ruki.....


Pricing has not been decided yet for these prints.
I am also opening $1 chibi commissions! (starting this weekend only)

You can find all these pieces and more at my dA account:


Unpin, photographed by:

-Ciao for now

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was looking through some old photos and found a banner that Saint made:

This was probably made around the time I got my dA account because that wing design was my first icon (December 21, 2006).
The story behind this was that I was talking to Saint and telling her I wanted to create fashion designs. She suggested the title "Random Wing Designs" and created this banner.

I wasn't very specific with what I wanted to create... I didn't really have a specific taste/fashion sense either. I was only 12.
Now I'm 16 and I love Japanese Fashion.

I know when I was in elementary school, I constantly changed what I wanted to be in the future (go figure), but I do remember at some point, just drawing clothes and thinking, "this drawing is sooo awesome and I want to make this one day" (though, when I think back on the design and drawing... it was... kinda ugly. haha)
After changing what I wanted to be when I grow up a couple of times, I realized that I always came back to the idea of being a fashion designer.

Of course, there were major influences that had me going back to the idea:
Visual Kei
the models
peoples art on different fashion styles
androgynous beauty

which also lead to my modeling.
A few people have asked when I started modeling. Truthfully, I've only been modeling for a year now.

The first photo shoot I had wasn't probably till late 2008, early 2009. It's kind of odd thinking about it and realizing it hasn't been that long ago. I know though, that I've gain a lot of experience since then and still trying to improve. (As I always think that there's always room for improvement).

But these two things tie in together so strongly that I don't think I could be one without the other. Modeling has helped me grow as a designer/stylist and designing has created explosive photo shoot ideas.

They balance each other out. Fo-sure.

So many thoughts are running across my mind. I only hope that readers get what I mean.

-Ciao for now

Monday, September 20, 2010

Every cut is an experiment!

I haven't blogged in forever ; 3 ;

But I've recently got a hair cut! (Sunday to be exact)

It was inspired by Ryo from the JRock band, Girugamesh.
It's now shorter... everywhere, but still maintaining my original length (Asian-mullet wise haha)

I've just recovered actually from being sick. I think it was the worse I've ever been.
I was so sick that I missed one whole week of school. Which worked out well since I got a new cut before I went back today !

Why was I sick for a week you ask?
Sunday/Monday, it just started out as a fever. I was quickly going from cold to hot. That lame feeling of being neutral and you can't decide whether to keep yer jacket on or not. DUMB. So Monday night I took some NyQuil (the red gross flavor). Although, the next day, I broke out in hives. Although, we didn't know that at the time and thought it was the chicken pox. After a couple of days, the bumps grew bigger, redder, and itchier.

The feeling was "pas terrible!"

In the end, I went to the doctors and they drugged me haha. Then got on some pills so that the hives would slowly go away. They have thank goodness.

... I must say that, through out all this, I pulled a Howl.

Yes, I did. I pulled a:


If you're thinking that I'm full of myself, I'm not truly like that. The hives at some point reached my face. My face got blotchy, red, swollen. You name it. I was really down in the gutters last week.

But as you can see from my hair cut photos, I look and feel a lot better!

-Ciao for now

Sunday, September 5, 2010

no way




I never thought one boy could have this many toys ! O________O

I'm... drowning slowly in them D:

Have to clean my brothers room. He's like... 11? Doesn't know how to clean... not even the Asian way~
My older sister and I were taught by my mum:
"Go and clean yer brother room"
"what... WHY!? Why can't he clean it for himself?"
"He doesn't know how to do it. You teach him"
Grumbles away

Me? Teach him? You got to be kidding me.
I literally have no patience whatsoever at the moment.

All of it is going to:
Saboten prints
DF/Fashion show
Older sister being a BUTT

And another thing... once again, people who don't respond to emails... it equals one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. And I quote " It takes less than 10 minutes just to reply. "

Yes, it does.

Anger is a great way let it out when cleaning. It makes time fly by.

Now I must go before my mum catches me back on here. heh. Good thing no one reads this either ;D

-Ciao for now

Friday, September 3, 2010


A couple days ago I was talking to some friends. Something that I've been thinking about for quite a while just wouldn't escape and I just had to ask.

So I asked the two, "what is it necessarily called when you don't like boys... or girls?" ( yes, that also includes men and women if you wanna be like that )

For some reason... it just doesn't seem like a... priority(?) to be with someone/just liking a person.
I really don't like being tied down in any kind of way and I feel like having someone in my life will just slow me down.
Have you ever felt that way?

Then again, it kinda scares me that I'll find no one when I'm older~ hurrhuurrrr

Maybe I feel like there's a lot of things going on in my life at the moment and having something like a relationship will just make me freak out more.

To friends who know: That GUY. Ya know
the guy~ Yeah... after so long, I'm finally over him. It's a rather empowering feeling. hahah.

On other news... I'M SO SCREWED. I gotta do shit. FUCK.


annd... what I don't get is when people don't reply to emails. Seriously, WTF.
Like, it's understandable if yer busy, but when that's the same excuse over and over and over again its just very questioning whether yer a lazy ass, full of yerself or just not evening using an email when that's what things are for.
GAH. //rant// just need people to reply to important things.

I miss my best friends ; ^ ;

-Ciao for now

Monday, August 30, 2010


There was this blog/archive thing that I found a while ago and it was titled, inspiration -- frightened by bees.

There were ample posts on photos and this one caught my eye the most:

Charlie Bucket stared around him in astonishment. This was the craziest lift he had ever seen
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I find it very appealing to do a photo shoot this eccentric. To have such a big prop would be amazing to work with * ^ * I may have to wait a long time for this to happen, but if you would like to join, hit me up!

Other inspirational photo shoots:
7 Deadly Sins. I know ANTM did it, but I think having an odd twist to it would make it stand out and not seem so unoriginal.

Hansel and Gretel. Although, I think, it would be more of a challenge because I haven't found a boy who could look like me. Plus a challenge for the photographer if we were to have the same bg for both poses. Unless were to find an area where we could lay a huge white tarp so that it's easier for photo shopping.

The Raven. I think it would be really interesting to have some fashion side of this story by Edgar Allen Poe. Yet have the dark, eerie vibe to it.

Just some ideas that came to the top of my head when I saw the photo for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Have any?! I'd like to hear them!

-Ciao for now

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the Farthest

"This is the farthest end
Nowhere to go
All hope disappears in front of me
Nobody can hear my grievous scream from a place like this
in the dark"

DELUHI - the Farthest

This photo shoot was inspired by the Farthest PV. Here I will give my top favorite photos, and the outtakes plus commentary!

Enjoyed that? No? Then these outtakes are going to make you laugh yer ass off.

We finally finished taking pictures in that crack shack. See it? Yeah, it's right there~ We went to these sand dunes and they were hard to climb. All I know is that, one leg up = easy crotch access. Even Mister T (right) is doing it. Benjamin didn't fall either.

Myself starting to pimp Benjamin and Mister T. It was a very successful day. I'm pimping two new hoes, and Mister T found a Chihuahua skull! As you could have seen up in my favorite photo section.

I have my SRS business face on. Mister T is wanting a little extra cash for my services? Benjamin... you can decide what he's doing. hahah

Photographer, SuanTian, asked me to do a G face. Straight up moth-aah-faah-kuuh. Although, we couldn't contain ourselves.

"Larxy... how come yer always in the middle?" "... huh?" "Yer the vocalist now of this band" "Cool"
It was hot.

Benjamin: "the sun... whhhyyy AZ whhhyyy"
Larxy: "Vagina lickin' frenzy... ! ! "
Mister T: " nyan nyan"

"Larxy get over here!" "Ehhh..." "We'll start without you!" "I'm coommmmiiinngg" They laughed.

Getting my funk on? Touching Benjamin's butt? (It looks like he's enjoying it) Smelling Mister T? (He's enjoying it). You could say I'm getting my funk on.

Benjamin: I see what yer doing over thurr.

I wonder what was so funny.

Unenthusiastic salsa clap. ahaha

Here's a nice photo of Benjamin!

and look what Mister T and I were doing. Sorry!

In the end, we were all tired out....


No, not really. We were just messing with our clothes.

I'd like to thank Benjamin and Mister T for coming out to the location and spending a hot day outside just to model. I'd also like to thank SuanTian for shooting this shoot! As she has done most of my past photo shoots.

Please check SuanTian's work:

Mister T: Varying scoop neck shirts, cardigan, multiple scarves, black puffy pants & pointed boots.
Benjamin: Black jacket with B&W scarf, black jeans and steel-toed boots.
Larxy: Red tartan scoop jacket, (hand made by a lovely friend) Black Jeans & Creepers.

It was a long wait, but I hope it was worth it!

-Ciao for now