Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day in Life of Larxy.

I planned today of all days to record (or try to) of Wednesday the 24th, day before Thanksgiving. It has been cold in the mornings in Arizona, and I mean 6 am in the morning.

The picture is kinda bad... but I actually like the turnout. I got off the bus at that moment, so stopping to take this picture was not ideal. Plus... I was freezing. Nevertheless, the sun rise was so beautiful! I must say, November is the best month to be taking sun rise pictures.

On to my day, I was "forced" to watch a Knee Replacement video. It wasn't gruesome, but I was a bit squeamish. Things like that are reasons why I don't follow my mum's advice and become a Doctor or nurse. Nuh-huh. Not gonna happen.
Also found out that you can buy Harry Potter merch on this one site! ( ). I fangirled... quite a bit.
*cough. My birthday is coming up cough*

Something special about this day, I wore my black chucks. Not something special for you, but I've had these shoes for 3 years now and worn down as they are, my attachment to them is still great. These chucks were my very first pair and I thought it honorable to wear them on the first time I donate blood.

You heard right, I donated blood. I always try and keep an open mind to new things and this is one thing I really wanted to experience. Plus, saving a life~ (and the free juice and cookies! hahah)

"Be a Hero - Be a Blood Donor!"

It would have been nice to talk with someone at that time, but deep thinking was more appreciated. I've figured that when it comes to sewing, it can be easy. The only hard thing is time. I'm great at managing time, but with sewing, it's a whole different story. It's like looking for more time out of a day. Which is impossible.
I also thought about the differences between traditional and digital art. I've done more digital art lately, and my art class mates believe it's fake art. The only reason they're saying this, I think, is because they've never tried it. Yes, digital art to an extent can be fake but when actually something from scratch, how is that fake? I've figured that if a person does digital art, they would know the basics of traditional art.

'Cause seriously... you need a steady hand when doing line art x 3 x;;

I'd like to know yer opinion on traditional vs. digital art.

For the first time, I actually thought about this weird storyline about the 12 Zodiacs. Probably not going to be made into some manga/comic, but... it would make a cool art series. Which seems so much easier. Whether do the style of the art/styling more traditional or have grotesque is still in thought process.

My first intentions for this sketch was Capricorn, but with more thought, it went towards Taurus. Ahaha

To end my school day, we pass by this "factory" everyday. I've always wanted to take pictures near there. It'd be bad ass. And the clouds! If they're there, I always look up at them on the way home.

It was a good day to start of this amazing weekend.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Asian Parent(s)

this picture doesn't relate to anything. Just the fact that my Asian Parent is mum~

Anyways, this is just something I found quite... true... when I talk to my [Filipino] mum.

Situation #1

Asian Parent: *YELLS*
Asian Kid: *responds calmly*

^This happens most with me.

Situation #2

Asian Parent: *YELLS*
Asian Kid: *says nothing*

Situation #3

Asian Parent: *YELLS*
Asian Kid: *YELLS*
*beats the crap out of asian kid*


Say what?

Under Construction baby! ;D

For who knows how long~

if yer blog is going under construction, you can use this drawing or ask and I'll replace my face with yers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Facts

Just random facts that come to mind when I'm not paying attention teheheh.

01. Burlington Coat Factory seriously freaks me out.
Because it's so huge and filled with so many things is cool, but on top of that with how crowded it is scares me. Which leads me to number two

02. I am claustrophobic.
Places like Burlington make me hyperventilate really badly.

03. I don't tolerate tardiness. I may be tardy sometimes for a planned event, but because I'm no the one driving, I don't see it as my fault for being late.

04. It's come to my attention that I should make a JRock hair&makeup tutorial. I want to, but I need a video camera.

05. I've been booked to do some modeling for someone! I'm not getting paid, but... it's a first for using a different photographer after using Suantian many times hahah

06. I'm still stuck between going to a University or an Art school @ 3 @
Which goes into

07. Why do older people say that I'll change my mind after 2 years of college? It just makes me want to defy that "fact" and have a stronger urge to do what I want.

08. Had a photo shoot last night. On the light rail. Oh yes.

09. My standards of cleaning are very high.
Thanks to my Asian parent!

10. I have sensitive gums.

I think 10 is good. : D

November 22 - 6:34p

11. I don't like people (high schoolers, hey~) They don't understand that first impressions can also be a bad thing

12. I go to school for education. Not to have sex and/or do drugs in the bathroom.

13. I believe in God and am active in my church. Intense inspiration is found there.

14. GodPop and I will be buying a condo when I'm out of of high school. We have big plans for that condo.

15. I flirt with everyone and believe everyone should get the opportunity to feel: loved, worthy, beautiful. :D

-Tcaho for now

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 minutes Left.

I have come down with some sickness, and it sucks because I can't take medicine.
Ever since my hive breakout, I don't know what exactly I'm allergic to and so taking any kind of medicine might trigger it.

It's quite... annoying. The situation really.

Almost like this drawing by

So many thoughts, issues, etc are coagulating to my head. Which gives reason for my major headache at the moment too.

I don't feel any negative emotion... I just feel time is running out.

Creating a new header/background for the blog. Just have to learn HTML... OTL... LOL!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not retornable

First Friday was last night and I finally got to hang out with Kevin.
It has been a while since I really hung out with him and talked to him. (Closest male friend I have)

We get some retornable bottles:

How epic is that?

Other than breathing & smelling like smoke, it was a pretty good night.

Now I must hang out with GODPOP.

We have a table together for Taiyou Con (yes you heard right!)
and once again, we will probably hardly have actual fan art prints. They're annoying to draw anyways.
Our table theme... punk. The only type of people I really see coming to our table are the ones interested in:

JPunk fashion
not fan art
annnd... people looking for cheap commissions.

What of Dictator Fantasyland?
GodPop and I will be making & selling strait jackets.

I know I'm excited for that !

We'll also be working on new prints/collaborations.

Simple fashion illustrations are nice.

It's also been going around secretly that I'm taking clothing commissions. Jackets are really wanted, but thank you to the ones who are commissioning me. I only hope to make them as great as you expect.

I'm off to Good Will to look even more fierce.

-Tchao for now

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Ploy

Is Perfect.

My ploy after high school is to go to Fashion School and master fitted outfits (suits, jackets, pants, etc).

Why? What's so great about fitted clothes?

Uhm... they're FIERCE...
and, the ploy is to master this so well, that when I go abroad (say, S.Korea), all boy bands (TVXQ, Super Junior) will want to commission me for my fantastically made fitted suits ! Once becoming successful, Ruki will see one of my designs one day and ask me to style him!


The Ploy is Perfect.

.... this was more of an inside joke, but I do want to be amazing in making fitted pieces. It will be fierce.

-Tchao for now