Monday, August 30, 2010


There was this blog/archive thing that I found a while ago and it was titled, inspiration -- frightened by bees.

There were ample posts on photos and this one caught my eye the most:

Charlie Bucket stared around him in astonishment. This was the craziest lift he had ever seen
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I find it very appealing to do a photo shoot this eccentric. To have such a big prop would be amazing to work with * ^ * I may have to wait a long time for this to happen, but if you would like to join, hit me up!

Other inspirational photo shoots:
7 Deadly Sins. I know ANTM did it, but I think having an odd twist to it would make it stand out and not seem so unoriginal.

Hansel and Gretel. Although, I think, it would be more of a challenge because I haven't found a boy who could look like me. Plus a challenge for the photographer if we were to have the same bg for both poses. Unless were to find an area where we could lay a huge white tarp so that it's easier for photo shopping.

The Raven. I think it would be really interesting to have some fashion side of this story by Edgar Allen Poe. Yet have the dark, eerie vibe to it.

Just some ideas that came to the top of my head when I saw the photo for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Have any?! I'd like to hear them!

-Ciao for now

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the Farthest

"This is the farthest end
Nowhere to go
All hope disappears in front of me
Nobody can hear my grievous scream from a place like this
in the dark"

DELUHI - the Farthest

This photo shoot was inspired by the Farthest PV. Here I will give my top favorite photos, and the outtakes plus commentary!

Enjoyed that? No? Then these outtakes are going to make you laugh yer ass off.

We finally finished taking pictures in that crack shack. See it? Yeah, it's right there~ We went to these sand dunes and they were hard to climb. All I know is that, one leg up = easy crotch access. Even Mister T (right) is doing it. Benjamin didn't fall either.

Myself starting to pimp Benjamin and Mister T. It was a very successful day. I'm pimping two new hoes, and Mister T found a Chihuahua skull! As you could have seen up in my favorite photo section.

I have my SRS business face on. Mister T is wanting a little extra cash for my services? Benjamin... you can decide what he's doing. hahah

Photographer, SuanTian, asked me to do a G face. Straight up moth-aah-faah-kuuh. Although, we couldn't contain ourselves.

"Larxy... how come yer always in the middle?" "... huh?" "Yer the vocalist now of this band" "Cool"
It was hot.

Benjamin: "the sun... whhhyyy AZ whhhyyy"
Larxy: "Vagina lickin' frenzy... ! ! "
Mister T: " nyan nyan"

"Larxy get over here!" "Ehhh..." "We'll start without you!" "I'm coommmmiiinngg" They laughed.

Getting my funk on? Touching Benjamin's butt? (It looks like he's enjoying it) Smelling Mister T? (He's enjoying it). You could say I'm getting my funk on.

Benjamin: I see what yer doing over thurr.

I wonder what was so funny.

Unenthusiastic salsa clap. ahaha

Here's a nice photo of Benjamin!

and look what Mister T and I were doing. Sorry!

In the end, we were all tired out....


No, not really. We were just messing with our clothes.

I'd like to thank Benjamin and Mister T for coming out to the location and spending a hot day outside just to model. I'd also like to thank SuanTian for shooting this shoot! As she has done most of my past photo shoots.

Please check SuanTian's work:

Mister T: Varying scoop neck shirts, cardigan, multiple scarves, black puffy pants & pointed boots.
Benjamin: Black jacket with B&W scarf, black jeans and steel-toed boots.
Larxy: Red tartan scoop jacket, (hand made by a lovely friend) Black Jeans & Creepers.

It was a long wait, but I hope it was worth it!

-Ciao for now


I will accept that I am a typical girl who loves shoes. I can never have enough of them.

Yesterday I went to Marshall's because I am on the hunt for a nice shiny pair of black pumps. It's a good investment to at least have a pair of black pumps.
Sadly, I didn't find any... but that didn't stop me from trying on shoes! hahah

First pair: black suede pumps with a stretch band across it. Designed by Jessica Simpson. $50

Look how tall they are! I'm 5 foot 5 inches and I LOVE wearing 3-5 inch heels. Do I feel like a giant? No. Is it empowering? Hell yes.

Second pair: gray-ish nude colored shiny heels. Designed by Vince V Camuto. $20-$30

Not as high as I like, but they were nice.

Third pair: Black peep-toe, ankle boot. Designed by Franco Sarto. $30

I was at first skeptical about ankle boots, but after trying them on, they were fun to walk in (but not as fun as the first pair).

After all that, I decided I liked the J.Simpson shoes the most. Debating whether to put them on layaway or not, I took an adventure around Marshall's.

I found a black and blue checkered dress ($5 sale) and a RxB black military-like jacket. I put it all together and when I looked in the mirror I decided, "If I were to ever go to homecoming... I'd wear something like this!"

It's quite simple, which I like, but it has its appeals. Like the really high shoes and the above-the-knee hemline so that it creates an illusion that I have uber long legs. ;D
Plus the jacket was nicely fitted and the button's accentuate and bring the look all together (plus some nice accessories would do).

In the end, I didn't buy anything. I was going to put the J.Simpson shoes on layaway though, but it's required to put a $10 holding fee, (LAME!) and I'm truly looking for shiny black pumps. It just wasn't the time to get them.

-Ciao for now

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New !

New banner for fall/September. I just couldn't wait till September came around, so I changed it.

Banner is from the latest photo shoot I had with Benjamin Valencia and Mister T. I'm really [really ] in love with this photo. By far one of my favorites. (This is the first time that it has been publicly shown. Enjoy it !)

You all will just have to wait till I finish editing the ones I like haha. Hopefully it will be soon! I have out take photos I want to share. As a hint though, it has to do with me being a pimp most of the time. (When am I ever not?)

Any updates?
- I have about a month to finish prints and cosplays for Saboten 2010.
- Je n'aime pas l'ecole. (I hope I said that correctly//who doesn't~)
- My best friends moved out of state. It's time to make new close ones!
-Harry Potter. I've been reading them.
- I'm addicted to Taio Cruz.

Until I figure out this bloody template thing--

-Ciao for now!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fighting Plagiarism...

For Uruha from the GazettE!

" Ohs... i thinks i should get this shirt becoz it has uruha--- stop that train of thought for just a second! "

They even stole that actual fan art.

  • Wide scoop neck with edge
  • Oversized cuffed batwing sleeves
  • Pixelated punky girl illustration [LOL?]
  • Oversized baggy fit

As awesome as a shirt that would be, it would have been even better if the person actually did their own fan art/know who this is/etc.


For Customer Service queries:
Post: Customer Services, New Look, Mercery Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 5HJ
Phone: Call Mon - Sat between 8am – 8pm, Sun 10am – 6pm on
Freephone 0500 454094


Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's dynamite

Today was the last day I would officially hang out with my bestie, Cho. She's leaving for college in Georgia. I'm going to miss her so hard.

We first went to Lee Lee's and I took advantage of that to get me some Boba. hehe. I also bought some paper stars that I can fold. I'm very excited to start them ! !

We then went to the nearest mall. I seriously need to buy some jeans. Here are some pictures to show you what we found at Forever 21 (they had a sale// we also went to Victoria's Secret, but we thought wise to not take pictures of that hahah).

First outfits- Larxy: dark blue skinny jeans, fairy tee (old navy) and a orange-plaid vest with hoodie. Cho: PARIS tee that I chose for her, black leggings.

Second outfit ! (like my KB stripped socks? )

Third outfit- Larxy: Hwang Tae kyung inspired jacket thing. I did not know how to wear that haha.
Cho: Dark blue skinny jeans and white coat. (both on sale! very nice).

Fourth outfit: BEE MINE tee. I llooovvee this shirt/Bee's in general/yellow-black color scheme. I didn't get it though.

While waiting for my sister to try on an outfit, Cho and I find these shoes. In reality, I am a typical girl who LOVES shoes, and I instantly fell in love with these:

It pains me that I didn't get them. They're sooo classy.

Cho and I saw this by the elevator outside of Forever 21. I gotta do this one day.

We then lost track of half our group, so we had to search the mall. It was flippin' insane. I got frustrated after a while.

"This is getting old" -- Larxy tired of walking everywhere.

In the end, my sister found them and the guy treated us to dinner at Red Robins! YUM!

Some root beer floats! (which I don't actually like~)

Cho and I found those photo booths at the mall, but we totally forgot to go back and get some for memories. So while we waited at Red Robins, we just took some photos there hahah. Check it out, we do the "Reita" in the last photo.

I had an amazing time today! I'm going to miss Cho and all my fellow college friends so much. Good luck everyone! I know you'll hit up college hard. hahah.

-Ciao for now

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's been at least a week since I started school. I'm kind of glad that I have something to do in the morning, but then there Freshmen there. And when I say Freshmen, I not only mean the fresh meat, I also mean anyone else at that school who makes me frustrated//pisses me off in general.

Here's one scenario:
Last class of the day, English. Teacher "O" tells us to take out paper. We're going to have a quiz-like thing~ Basically, she told us to write the right words when she said a sentence. Number one was "your" and number two was "you're". When she finished her sentence for number two, a guy, two seats behind me whispers "there are two different yours?"


OMFG. Are you serious?!? Epic face palm, really.

English gives me a headache now.

Which moves us along to something that I've noticed. When I'm in a regular class, students don't act their age/school year. When I'm in
an advance class, all them don't act their age... PLUS their are so f**kin' cocky about being soooo smart~ They don't even help out the ones who have trouble because they're so full of themselves.
I don't see a win-win situation.

To let out my steam I listen to GDragon or any other K-Pop artist.

-Ciao for now

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while, and when I did feel like blogging... I didn't know what to write.
On another note, Saint and Cho cam over to my house a week ago. We watched some crazy horror Korean movie [ APT - Apartment ]. the Gazette did a PV for it. Chizuru. Go watch it. We also watched DIM SCENE. In ISO. Beat that.

On other news, Saint and I got to talking on our last night together. We talked shit about Shin, told con stories and ranted a couple of times. Our friendship just got a whole lot more meaningful.
So... Shin.

I hate him so much.
Here are some stories about him/con stories.

- It was PCC '10 Japanese Fashion Show. I put together some models for Dictator Fantasyland. We were all back stage getting ready. I look over and see Cho talking to Shin. He's asking for her picture. When they're done, I walk past (all the while hoping he doesn't notice me) him, and he notices me. He asked for my picture. Not being rude, I said okay. He commented that I was next to a Hazardous sign and it got into the picture. Yay I replied. After the con w
as over, he posts a youtube video of all the pictures he took that weekend. It got to the photo's of the fashion show and Cho. I wait for mine to come up, hoping something badass. Unfortunately, it was a cosplayer. WHAT?! You don't just leave me out you ass hole. WTF. I was so polite to him, he could have been polite back by putting my picture there. Or at least sending it to me.

- Same convention. Shin does panels. Cho went to one and tells me after Sunday dinner what he did to her. Nothing drastic. Just something where I want to slit his throat with an orange slice. Cho was telling me that after the panel was over, she went around taking photos for memories since she's leaving in August. She's walking past Shin and he says, "So which of us do you like?" Or something relative to that. She has the option of him, some Asian guy and Stoner-looking guy. She looks at Stoner-guy and he just gives her that 'hey there gorgeous look'. You know the one~ Cho didn't say which one she liked, thank goodness, but since she didn't reply, Shin just gave her his number and asked her to text him if she wanted to go to dinner with them. My reply to all of this: Ohhhhh hellll nooo. to Shin: You do not hit on my hyung-nim. I will kick yer ass~ Yes... my dream will have
to wait.

- Same convention again~ We all have an artist alley table. We're sharing it with the lovely GF. (Not girlfriend). She's also friends with Shin and Stoner-guy. Although Shin never came to out table, it seemed that Stoner-guy was always there. He's fine and all, but he had the biggest fashion faux pas on Sunday. He wore blue denim pants, a black shirt and... a blue denim jacket. I dunno about you, but that is just AWKWARD.
Moving on, he kept hitting on Cho. I didn't like that. As you can tell, I am very protective of her. Even to the UMC. (If I see anyone hitting on you, I will get in there face. It just shows how much I love you~). Another thing, he kept confusing me with another person. My response to that? Yer face is weird man.

Oh how I love conventions.

I know I have more con stories. I just can't remember them all. xD I'll just dedicate the androgynousism stories on a later date.

One last note.
I said I would show you a sneak peek of that Story book photo shoot I did with a friend. Here's my favorite photo:

Guess who's gloves?!

Also had a photo shoot last night. SuanTian and I got some awesome shots with the intense weather/clouds. The wind was really blowing! (messing up my "awesome" hair~ )
I should I have those photos within a week! !

-Ciao for now

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Androgynous Tales

It's time to tell tales of my adventures at local anime/manga/comic conventions ! ! There are... copious stories, but I think you'll enjoy them. I will not mention names of the people in my stories, but you may also know who they are. Whether you get angry about it, I don't really care.

- Heh. PCC'10 and I leave our AA table in search for something; nonetheless, to look at this one fine piece of flesh. Not even getting that far from the table, I see an old school friend of mine. She, of course, looks as dorky as I remember. But as I walk past her, a friend pats her and says, "Is that a man or women?" all the while pointing at me. Am I ashamed? No. Am I shocked? Definitely not. So I reach this old friend now (she does not recognize me~) and she literally had to think for a few seconds whether I was a man or women. I passed her smirking.

Larxy: 01
Strangers: 0

- PCC'10. I'm in my debuting Taion cosplay. We just arrived at the convention and we're all carrying table items. Saint's dad is in the lead... he takes really long strides even for me. Trying to catch up to him, I get stopped by this young Trekky. He asked if he can have a picture. Arms full and brain not fully awake, I denied him. Although, I did tell him to find me in the Exhibitor hall.After a while, he shows up and gets my photo. Then he tells asks me, "Is it okay if I hang around for a while?" Not being rude, I said sure.

Awkward silence.

Getting my Asian Persuasion on, I asked what would make me happy right now. He was intrigued, and wondered what it could be. I told him, if he wanted to make my day, he should buy my print. He then says that he'll have to ask a friend for money and leaves. He never came back....

I got rid of him.

Larxy: 02
Strangers: 0

TVXQ approves!

This game is getting fun!

- Same convention. I see a familiar fellow, Lacey (when we think of him, we think lace). He has some okay cosplays and he's wearing one that fits him most. Lacey is at Mister T's table and I stride over to him. We have an intense conversation, even though I can barely hear him through fan girl cries over Mister T. All I know is that I'm working my charm, he is too, and...

we just corrupted a little boy.

How you ask? Because Lacey and I were close. Bodies almost touching close. Smirking at all times. Plus the fact that Lacey is a man, and that I look like one. Little boy didn't look so shocked as I thought. Maybe a bit intrigued? Two "men" so close. BAM! Little boy is thinking about boys.

Maybe that happened through his head. It sure looked like it did through his eyes.

Larxy: 2.5? [ corrupting is not what I signed up for when being that androgynous ]
Strangers: 0

One last story~
- PCC'09. My second fashion show. I wasn't even TRYING to look like a guy. One, I was wearing a bra. Two, one can obviously see that I have boobs. So when I walked out on the run way, why was it that the fan girls behind my friends said/screamed/whatever, "That guy is SO HOT!" ???
Seriously?! I wasn't even trying ! ~
That is the day my androgynous side was born. I guess that was a good thing. I can now work it with any gender. But in the end, I am strictly dickly.


Larxy: 2.5
Stragners: 01

To understand the ploy is perfect, watch:

-Ciao for now