Saturday, July 31, 2010


A fact to anyone who comes upon this is that I am a JRock cosplayer. For those of you that already know this, a while back, I did a photo shoot with Kara on my Taion cosplay.
If you don't know what Taion is, it is a PV/song by 'the GazettE'.

watch it here:

Here are some of my personal favorite photos.

You can view SuanTian's work here:

This photo shoot was fun, and at the end of the day, I was ready to hit the sack. During the summer in AZ, the sun sets late. We started our shoot around 6p and it didn't get dark till maybe 8.30p. By the time we were done, I think it was 9. Although, it was so worth the wait, because we got some really good shots in.

-Ciao for now

Gifts from Japan ! !

Three of my lucky friends have had the amazing adventure to see Japan. As jealous as I am, that they've already been there, they were all gracious enough to get me something from there.

Much love to all three of you.

SEX POT ReVeNGe ring from Saint. She visited Japan first with her family.

'the GazettE' baseball cap from Mister T. He visited Japan next with a group of friends.

Booklet + SHIVER CD

Inside the booklet was a 'the GazettE' postcard.

Another picture of the girl from the cover inside the booklet.

'the GazettE' SHIVER poster.

'the GazettE's SHIVER -Optical Impression- CD & DVD of the making of SHIVER from Kara. She recently got back from Japan and her talk of it, makes me want to go there all the more.

I can't thank all three of you enough for the wonderful gifts. They mean so muuchh to me.

-Ciao for now

Sunday, July 25, 2010


A close friend of mine does many photographs of my Japanese Fashion portraits and I feel like it's time to give her a proper featuring (even if no one is really looking). Now I didn't really consider "modeling" until another friend of mine just asked me to model for a school photography project; nevertheless, it burst my attention towards modeling.

You can view her other works here:

These were the first photos I ever took where I wasn't holding the camera. It was a very fantastic day. It not also lead to an addiction to modeling, but also for Japanese fashion.

Now here are more recent photos that I have either volunteered for my friend or just asked her if we could do a photo shoot.

I also modeled with others for this photo shoot. It was a different experience, yet so much more exciting.

You may also view her work here:

and the model on the left, you can view her work here:

There was also another photo shoot I did for SuanTian for her photography class for a storybook. This was rather harder than any other photo shoot I've done because we had a storyline and I felt like I couldn't really achieve certain emotions in some of the photos. I haven't received these photos yet, but I do have the actual booklet. Maybe I'll sneak shots for you.

As for modeling, one day I hope to portray what I feel/what should be felt in future photos. Please give me time, I may take a while.

On another note of modeling and photography, please check out Benjamin Valencia and Kimberly Le's illustration of their recent photo shoot that they have been working on. (Along with Photographers: NOH-H and Jeffrey Lam)

-Ciao for now

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh my~

Hahaha, it's interesting Uruha would do something like this. I feel so inspired.
Quite sexy, don't you think? ;D

-Ciao for now

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IT IS TIME hit this up hard; nevertheless, [always] under construction~

Here I am as a person:

Aspiring Japanese fashion designer. Watch me rule the world one day !
And here's my little inspiration I'd like to share with you.

-Ciao for now