Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gifts from Japan ! !

Three of my lucky friends have had the amazing adventure to see Japan. As jealous as I am, that they've already been there, they were all gracious enough to get me something from there.

Much love to all three of you.

SEX POT ReVeNGe ring from Saint. She visited Japan first with her family.

'the GazettE' baseball cap from Mister T. He visited Japan next with a group of friends.

Booklet + SHIVER CD

Inside the booklet was a 'the GazettE' postcard.

Another picture of the girl from the cover inside the booklet.

'the GazettE' SHIVER poster.

'the GazettE's SHIVER -Optical Impression- CD & DVD of the making of SHIVER from Kara. She recently got back from Japan and her talk of it, makes me want to go there all the more.

I can't thank all three of you enough for the wonderful gifts. They mean so muuchh to me.

-Ciao for now

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