Sunday, July 25, 2010


A close friend of mine does many photographs of my Japanese Fashion portraits and I feel like it's time to give her a proper featuring (even if no one is really looking). Now I didn't really consider "modeling" until another friend of mine just asked me to model for a school photography project; nevertheless, it burst my attention towards modeling.

You can view her other works here:

These were the first photos I ever took where I wasn't holding the camera. It was a very fantastic day. It not also lead to an addiction to modeling, but also for Japanese fashion.

Now here are more recent photos that I have either volunteered for my friend or just asked her if we could do a photo shoot.

I also modeled with others for this photo shoot. It was a different experience, yet so much more exciting.

You may also view her work here:

and the model on the left, you can view her work here:

There was also another photo shoot I did for SuanTian for her photography class for a storybook. This was rather harder than any other photo shoot I've done because we had a storyline and I felt like I couldn't really achieve certain emotions in some of the photos. I haven't received these photos yet, but I do have the actual booklet. Maybe I'll sneak shots for you.

As for modeling, one day I hope to portray what I feel/what should be felt in future photos. Please give me time, I may take a while.

On another note of modeling and photography, please check out Benjamin Valencia and Kimberly Le's illustration of their recent photo shoot that they have been working on. (Along with Photographers: NOH-H and Jeffrey Lam)

-Ciao for now

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