Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions for 2011 fulfilled?

I posted earlier this year about my 2011 resolutions... let's see if I even got close to succeeding in them.

01. Keep calm and stay classy.

Hmm, it's hard to say. I've stayed calm and classy in front of people, like an outside shell type of thing, but I know I've raged to close friend of mine of a) how stupid people are b) people and their uninspiring fashion c) boys... hahaha
I'll try harder for 2012

02. Do something productive everyday.

I have been doing this! I've been trying hard to not get senioritis in school and I have been working hard for new merch and all that jazz for cons.

Larxy: 1.5
Resolutions 0.5

03. Get a job.

This never happened.

Larxy: 1.5
Resolutions: 1.5

04. Drink lots of water!

All the time! I drink so much water now, it's black that I rarely drink soda. Rare occasions

05. Work harder for Dictator Fantasyland.

That is a definite yes! I finally got an etsy up for it. Also, fashion show wise, even though we're taking a hiatus at Taiyou con, that's only for the intense show we're planning for PCC. It will be spectacular.

Larxy: 3.5
Resolutions: 1.5

Not bad for 5 Resolutions in the year of 2011.
I'll think of my list for 2012.

Happy new years dear readers/followers!

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