Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

If I possibly leave this here in words, for everyone to see, maybe, those people around me can clarify if these Resolutions will actually be succeeded by 2012.

01. Keep calm and stay classy.

I've noticed lately at the end of 2010, my patience or... whatever has been slimming and I've been getting aggravated a lot easier. And that's not cool with me, so I've been saying this in my head repeatedly for a while to "Stay calm and classy."

I must say, it has been working and things have been getting simpler... in a sense.

02. Do something productive everyday.

This may not be seen easily, but for personal purposes, I've set a goal for myself that by my Senior year in high school, I will be dressed classy/jpunk/Ruki - induced outfits for my days at school. It's like that dramatic change over summer type of deal, ya know? I figured, if I do something productive everyday, like making clothes, I would have enough to rotate for my last year of high school.

03. Get a job.
Oh, this one sounds so hard, but I MUST TRY.

04. Drink lots of water!

Such an odd New Years Resolution, but in the middle of 2010, I got really nutrition crazed and was eating healthy and what not, and I sort of got out of that once "winter" came in. Which sucks! I haven't been drinking as much water as I liked, but I wasn't necessarily drinking soda. It was more of milk... but that doesn't really help my situation on how water helps yer body copiously. And I feel that when I drink more water, it gives off this domino affect to do healthier things. I will start drinking more water. End of story.

05. Work harder for Dictator Fantasyland.

Dictator Fantasyland is Japanese Punk induced "brand" that started out in a friends basement. After she took her trip to Japan, we decided to start up this "small business" and started selling JPunk accessories at local cons. To take another step forward with DF, I want to start making actual pieces for the local convention fashion shows and to sell.

I think these five are good enough for people to read. I do have more, but they're more personal and related to how I am as a person. Kinda boring too~


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