Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Facts

Just random facts that come to mind when I'm not paying attention teheheh.

01. Burlington Coat Factory seriously freaks me out.
Because it's so huge and filled with so many things is cool, but on top of that with how crowded it is scares me. Which leads me to number two

02. I am claustrophobic.
Places like Burlington make me hyperventilate really badly.

03. I don't tolerate tardiness. I may be tardy sometimes for a planned event, but because I'm no the one driving, I don't see it as my fault for being late.

04. It's come to my attention that I should make a JRock hair&makeup tutorial. I want to, but I need a video camera.

05. I've been booked to do some modeling for someone! I'm not getting paid, but... it's a first for using a different photographer after using Suantian many times hahah

06. I'm still stuck between going to a University or an Art school @ 3 @
Which goes into

07. Why do older people say that I'll change my mind after 2 years of college? It just makes me want to defy that "fact" and have a stronger urge to do what I want.

08. Had a photo shoot last night. On the light rail. Oh yes.

09. My standards of cleaning are very high.
Thanks to my Asian parent!

10. I have sensitive gums.

I think 10 is good. : D

November 22 - 6:34p

11. I don't like people (high schoolers, hey~) They don't understand that first impressions can also be a bad thing

12. I go to school for education. Not to have sex and/or do drugs in the bathroom.

13. I believe in God and am active in my church. Intense inspiration is found there.

14. GodPop and I will be buying a condo when I'm out of of high school. We have big plans for that condo.

15. I flirt with everyone and believe everyone should get the opportunity to feel: loved, worthy, beautiful. :D

-Tcaho for now


  1. 01. Burlington is cool! I got a jacket there for $20 (deal! XD) They do have lots of stuff though. We should play hide and seek in there. XD


    04. Yes, you should! When I come back, you can use my laptop to record. The quality isn't as great as a vidcam, but its something. :)

    05. WOOT! What's the theme? And who are you modeling for?

    07. It's cuz the ones who told you changed their minds about college. It really depends on what you;re involved in in college. Personally, I think going to a University, even to pursue art, *could* be just as good as going to an art school. Although it doesn't have the title and art prestige of an actually, it (once again) depends on what you do with your time. You could still get an academic education while doing extensive work on art, photography, modeling, etc.

    I have only a small idea about how art schools work, so you would have to ask Mindy I guess..or an art school. XD

    Even so, it all really boils down to how you spend your time. Going to an art school or a university doesn't guarantee that any one will end up successful or where they want to be in life.

  2. 01. Burlington is cool buut, I totally can't breathe in there! D:

    04. WILL DO. Do you know when yer coming back?

    05. Suicide. My man cheats on me. Twist is that he's cheating on me with my double personality.

    07. Hopefully Mindy reads this then haha.
    I think you should help me out with which schools to choose. It's complicating.

    I guess I do spend my time... well. I do like to balance art and academics.