Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day in Life of Larxy.

I planned today of all days to record (or try to) of Wednesday the 24th, day before Thanksgiving. It has been cold in the mornings in Arizona, and I mean 6 am in the morning.

The picture is kinda bad... but I actually like the turnout. I got off the bus at that moment, so stopping to take this picture was not ideal. Plus... I was freezing. Nevertheless, the sun rise was so beautiful! I must say, November is the best month to be taking sun rise pictures.

On to my day, I was "forced" to watch a Knee Replacement video. It wasn't gruesome, but I was a bit squeamish. Things like that are reasons why I don't follow my mum's advice and become a Doctor or nurse. Nuh-huh. Not gonna happen.
Also found out that you can buy Harry Potter merch on this one site! ( ). I fangirled... quite a bit.
*cough. My birthday is coming up cough*

Something special about this day, I wore my black chucks. Not something special for you, but I've had these shoes for 3 years now and worn down as they are, my attachment to them is still great. These chucks were my very first pair and I thought it honorable to wear them on the first time I donate blood.

You heard right, I donated blood. I always try and keep an open mind to new things and this is one thing I really wanted to experience. Plus, saving a life~ (and the free juice and cookies! hahah)

"Be a Hero - Be a Blood Donor!"

It would have been nice to talk with someone at that time, but deep thinking was more appreciated. I've figured that when it comes to sewing, it can be easy. The only hard thing is time. I'm great at managing time, but with sewing, it's a whole different story. It's like looking for more time out of a day. Which is impossible.
I also thought about the differences between traditional and digital art. I've done more digital art lately, and my art class mates believe it's fake art. The only reason they're saying this, I think, is because they've never tried it. Yes, digital art to an extent can be fake but when actually something from scratch, how is that fake? I've figured that if a person does digital art, they would know the basics of traditional art.

'Cause seriously... you need a steady hand when doing line art x 3 x;;

I'd like to know yer opinion on traditional vs. digital art.

For the first time, I actually thought about this weird storyline about the 12 Zodiacs. Probably not going to be made into some manga/comic, but... it would make a cool art series. Which seems so much easier. Whether do the style of the art/styling more traditional or have grotesque is still in thought process.

My first intentions for this sketch was Capricorn, but with more thought, it went towards Taurus. Ahaha

To end my school day, we pass by this "factory" everyday. I've always wanted to take pictures near there. It'd be bad ass. And the clouds! If they're there, I always look up at them on the way home.

It was a good day to start of this amazing weekend.



  1. whoa whoa wait, "my art class mates believe it's fake art" am i gunna have to choke a bitch? obviously they done know how much time and skill goes in to digital art... >_> this "day in the life" thing is a wonderful project and i hope you consider doing more :3 not gunna lie the zodiac thing is a little cliche but i think if you try to put some new twist on it it would be cool~~ *line of dresses or clothes or something xD

  2. Yes, you should choke them. That's what I'm saying! Steady hand man! STEADY HAND!
    Hmm... I think I will! Tomorrow too cos I'm gonna hang with Sammie and Sarah <33 teheheh.

    ... I'm loving the last idea > Q < Plus, making head pieces sounds REALLY FUN. xD