Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Day, a New Year

December has been quite... hectic. More like the past two weeks though, since I've been working very hard on new prints for Taiyou Con.

I finally finished all prints and am now working on clothes for the fashion show (at Taiyou)! I know I've told the theme to some people, but... you'll just have to be there to see what it is. If you must know, Taiyou Con is Jan. 07 - 09.

I have only a couple of days to finish all articles of clothing. Wish me luck! !

Also, for the past two days, I had Saint and Cho over. It was good to hang out with them, since they both go to out-of-state colleges. Saint brought over Inception and Sherlock Holmes. Which I must say, are both amazing movies.

Especially Inception because Arthur (
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) is just... he has so much class is all I can say.

Plus, it was just so trippy watching it the first time. I love it! !
Sherlock Holmes was amazing too! I must find out who plays Moriarty! (I think that's his name hahah)
All in all, the three of us had a good 2 days. We discussed the fashion show theme, watched some Miyazaki film ( The Cat Returns ), Sailor Moon and Charlie McDonnell.
His BBC Confidential for Doctor Who made my night so hard hahah.

Then, last night, I went to a Year End "Celebration" with Cho and met up with other friends. The theme for the night was Hollywood. Which entails I had to look classy/fierce. I did, and it was an epic night. There was a live band, and two friends of mine (Seven and Henry) showed off their dancing skills. It was uber entertaining.
That was pretty much my night for the last day of 2010.

I hope you had a great one too, and that 2011 is epic for you. I know it will be for me.

Ciao and Happy New Year,

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