Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Models,

You all know that I "run" Dictator Fantasyland and have fashion shows at local anime conventions. The "issue" that's been going around however is somewhat displeasing.

It's not necessarily drama, it's just something that I have to get my thoughts out about it.
Something is going around in the air that, a model(s) isn't cool/good enough/bad ass/etc. enough to be modeling for Dictator Fantasyland.

Whatever model of mine (even temporary ones) have this mentality,

You best be getting rid of that~

There's an obvious reason as to why I chose you as a model. I, personally, think you're the bees kness/the cat's meow/the shit. Why would I want you as a model, if you don't hold those qualities? (plus other interests~)

As a Dictator Fantasyland model, you should know that... as the person responsible for how this business is portrayed is heavily laid on my shoulders. I'm not going to have this line look like crap, and you should know that I won't let you look like that either.

I won't and will not let you fall.

If I let you fall, (which will never happen) I will fall with you. You won't be going down without me.

I felt that should be put out there. Models of DF were chosen by me for a reason. Don't think I'll make you look silly. That's just out of the question~ (You're obviously going to look FIERCE)




All you other people who read this!~

Our next fashion show will be at Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2011! This May !

I only need three more models

I will also be holding a panel, Friday at 12pm. Come check it out! !


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  1. hum, I'd like to know with who/when these this issue popped up. *also i am ENDLESSLY proud of you for bearing the weight of DF...i feel bad about throwing a bitch fit before...and would like *despite not being able to sew and in cali* to take a more active role again :3


  2. Whoa what? At least with those I've met in the model group, everyone's super nice. I'm a bit shocked at this. D:

  3. SaintKoko: It happened at Taiyou (or when I noticed it) but I think it's always been there. It's all good! ! :D If you want, you can do screen printing stuff when you can x)

    Super-80s-Demon: Hmm... I didn't want to give that feeling that there is someone mean in the modeling group. (I definitely would not approve) Everyone is nice and enjoyable to be around. This is just something that if any of my models are feeling insecure/not worthy to be part of DF, they're wrong because I chose them for a reason.

  4. Larxy: Ahhh okay. My mistake. I misread part of the post. XD