Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taiyou Con

After a long wait, I have finally found my photos and such!

That's our table! The experience was good, but always a bit overwhelming (then also, underwhelming) I always worry if I can even make $5.

But we did sell art! I broke even and A was about $5 less to being there. Next time for sure!!

I took photos every day at the photo booth. Don't I look fierce?

Sex Pistols tee, "God Save the Queen". Accessorized with: crown & lock necklace (which you can't see D: ) Fake Ruki-inspired glasses.

With my lady, Cho. She visited us from Georgia. She was dressed as a Harajuku Decora-esque kid.
Cho: Baby blue corset accompanied by a blue and white checkered with pink & purple tulle tutu. Adorned with White and red bead necklace, my Hello Kitty falls. Black eye patch with a white ' X '.

I don't remember if this was after or before the fashion show. But damn, I look good no?
Black bondage straight jacket. Inverted cross & lock necklace. Lizard Ring.

All in all, Taiyou con was a great adventure for myself. I learned new things with, selling tactics to just people. Also, made some new friends ( :heart: ) and new stalkers. If you bought my art or commissioned me, I am truly thankful. Your support means a lot.
If you also said hi and we chatted, it was very nice. You kept me entertained ;D



A | http://godpopdebaucheryshop.blogspot.com/ & http://godpop.deviantart.com
Cho | http://tartini.deviantart.com

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