Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being a Women...

... is an Insult

I read this in on one of my friends Tumblr's when I first didn't have one and it this instance occurred in class a couple weeks ago.

Two boys were talking across the room and one asked for a "favor". The other rejected whatever was asked and the first one said,

"Don't be such a girl, man".

What do you mean "don't be a girl"? Is it so wrong to be a girl; a women?

I've heard class mates even use words like: slut, bitch, skank etc. and they're used so casually and frequently that their meanings change.

It's just as bad when there was that craze and people said, "That's so gay". (and some still do)

Another instance was in English. We're reading and analyzing poems and it's implied that there are prostitutes in one stanza. Then some guys in the back started blurting out different words:


"Sluts", said another.

Then it just got worst.

"Bitches" (He got sent out of the classroom)

Seriously!? One, are you not intelligent enough to hold your tongue? Obviously not. Second, that word is being used incorrectly. Prostitution is not another word for bitch. Thirdly, and once again, words being used to lightly.

It makes my blood coil whenever I hear things like this.


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