Wednesday, October 26, 2011

22 October 2011

Michi's brfffday just passed and we decided to get lunch at Red Robin's! Originally, we were going to to Waffle House for breakfast, but she partied hard the night before, so she slept in~ hahaha.

I love food so much.

Red Robin's is the best just because they have bottomless fries. * U *

Annd, Michi's boobs.

Too lazy to actually take photos. I was enjoying my food and having an amazing conversation with Michi.

I think at some point this huge group of people were seated next to us and this little boy was by Michi. She started talking about shaving her beau's mustache/beard and the little boy goes, "Ewww, groossss"

I started laughing so hard~ He kept staring at us too. I hope he doesn't start using bad words, 'cause Michi and I were potty mouthing pretty hard. hahah

Other news, I got legitimate thigh highs later in the week. Usually when I buy some, they say they are, but because of my thunderous thighs, they usually just stop at above my knees.

I don't know when I'll actually wear them, but I love how they color block and the black part is pin stripe. Very cool.

Also, I told my friend Setsu, that I hope to have my gender bent Captain Jack cosplay done in time for Phoenix Cactus Comicon that he asked his gf, to cosplay Martha Jones.

She said yes!

It's going to be a great con that year.


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