Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hair, what are you doing?

I've been keeping tabs of how my hair looks from different scenarios and they're always interesting.
Don't you think so? I figured I would keep a compilation of them here 'cause... it's fun haha. (I thought I had more, but I guess not).

This was taken this morning. I didn't straighten my hair last night for practice, so when I got home and got ready for bed, I tied up my hair and this morning, before going to the post, I took it down and this is what happened.

This just happened recently. My hair is naturally wavy but I straighten it errday. There are some days when I go all natural~ Or when I'm just super lazy and I don't want to straighten it.

My roots came in from my first hair dye. I missed my dark hair and am glad to have it back. Just the tips are lighter but that will soon change when I cut my hair... eventually~

This was actually a while after I dyed my hair a light brown(?) color. We did get a new blow dryer though and I thought it was funny how my hair was all 'whoooossshhh'

I woke up one morning and my hair was tied up. I untied it and it was all cow lick in the back. As always, I find it extremely amusing when my hair do these random things.

As you can see, my hair is still the same length in all of my photos. Do I cut my hair that often? No, it just takes forever to grow. It's maddening.

Grow hair, grrrrooooooowwwww. Please?


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