Monday, September 20, 2010

Every cut is an experiment!

I haven't blogged in forever ; 3 ;

But I've recently got a hair cut! (Sunday to be exact)

It was inspired by Ryo from the JRock band, Girugamesh.
It's now shorter... everywhere, but still maintaining my original length (Asian-mullet wise haha)

I've just recovered actually from being sick. I think it was the worse I've ever been.
I was so sick that I missed one whole week of school. Which worked out well since I got a new cut before I went back today !

Why was I sick for a week you ask?
Sunday/Monday, it just started out as a fever. I was quickly going from cold to hot. That lame feeling of being neutral and you can't decide whether to keep yer jacket on or not. DUMB. So Monday night I took some NyQuil (the red gross flavor). Although, the next day, I broke out in hives. Although, we didn't know that at the time and thought it was the chicken pox. After a couple of days, the bumps grew bigger, redder, and itchier.

The feeling was "pas terrible!"

In the end, I went to the doctors and they drugged me haha. Then got on some pills so that the hives would slowly go away. They have thank goodness.

... I must say that, through out all this, I pulled a Howl.

Yes, I did. I pulled a:


If you're thinking that I'm full of myself, I'm not truly like that. The hives at some point reached my face. My face got blotchy, red, swollen. You name it. I was really down in the gutters last week.

But as you can see from my hair cut photos, I look and feel a lot better!

-Ciao for now


  1. OH NO MEH POOR CASSEH!! D< glad you are better now <3 and i very much approve of your hair cut! especially the side shot!! :D

  2. Glad your rash thing is gone! And the hair is amazing!

  3. Thanks guys!
    People were like "nice sex hair" wth~ hahah

  4. I'm glad you're better!!!!

    Can I has your hair now? D: LOVELYYY

    (btw the verification thing for this post was "unocat," how excellent is that)

  5. Pbfffftt!!! I love your hair. I only wish i could pull it off. ; 3 ;