Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saboten Con 2010

There's a local anime/manga/otaku convention in 3 days. It will be my third time having an Artist Alley table, but my first time actually having art prints.

I started around summer time on my first print:

Black Rock Shooter.
A friend told me my style of art would look good as fan art for her, but after finishing this print, I felt like I lost myself half way through.
In the end, I decided to not sell this. (As so many people in the beginning disapproved haha)

Here are the prints I will be selling however:

My Neighbor Totoro
Totoro and friends chibi cut out thing!
Oh how I squeal with joy over Totoro.
(also my current persona on fire fox :D)

"Would you like a cup of tea?"
A personal... view? of Mad Hatter derp.
It originally had the March Hare... but I couldn't figure out how I wanted his clothes to be compared to Hatter's.

Mercedes and Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere
They were sooo cute, I couldn't not draw them! Hahah
There are some others that look really cool, so I decided that I would at least get one new one done for whatever upcoming convention.

Myself o w o
My friend Annabel Lee heavily suggested for me to have a self portrait print... that she would buy one if I did.
and I did! xD

My very first print. I am so deeply attached to this print. You have no idea.
I felt I finally achieved my aesthetic in art in this piece and my close friend Okunote water-colored it for me.


Here's a sneak peak of my Ruki print that you can only find here!
Heheheh.... Ruki.....


Pricing has not been decided yet for these prints.
I am also opening $1 chibi commissions! (starting this weekend only)

You can find all these pieces and more at my dA account: http://ladylarc.deviantart.com/

Okunote: http://okunote.deviantart.com/

Unpin, photographed by: http://suantian.deviantart.com/

-Ciao for now

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  1. yeya! everything looks great~~ good luck at sabo <333