Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was looking through some old photos and found a banner that Saint made:

This was probably made around the time I got my dA account because that wing design was my first icon (December 21, 2006).
The story behind this was that I was talking to Saint and telling her I wanted to create fashion designs. She suggested the title "Random Wing Designs" and created this banner.

I wasn't very specific with what I wanted to create... I didn't really have a specific taste/fashion sense either. I was only 12.
Now I'm 16 and I love Japanese Fashion.

I know when I was in elementary school, I constantly changed what I wanted to be in the future (go figure), but I do remember at some point, just drawing clothes and thinking, "this drawing is sooo awesome and I want to make this one day" (though, when I think back on the design and drawing... it was... kinda ugly. haha)
After changing what I wanted to be when I grow up a couple of times, I realized that I always came back to the idea of being a fashion designer.

Of course, there were major influences that had me going back to the idea:
Visual Kei
the models
peoples art on different fashion styles
androgynous beauty

which also lead to my modeling.
A few people have asked when I started modeling. Truthfully, I've only been modeling for a year now.

The first photo shoot I had wasn't probably till late 2008, early 2009. It's kind of odd thinking about it and realizing it hasn't been that long ago. I know though, that I've gain a lot of experience since then and still trying to improve. (As I always think that there's always room for improvement).

But these two things tie in together so strongly that I don't think I could be one without the other. Modeling has helped me grow as a designer/stylist and designing has created explosive photo shoot ideas.

They balance each other out. Fo-sure.

So many thoughts are running across my mind. I only hope that readers get what I mean.

-Ciao for now


  1. oh my god i never want to see my old stuff again!! DDDD: XDDD

    like i saaaiidd...on my blog....i miss taking pictures of you .___. i totally dont want to do this portraiture assignment without you .___.

  2. Oh whatever.. I still like yer stuff.

    DDD: If only it were possible for me to fly in or something xDD