Thursday, March 24, 2011

take the chance

don't miss the opportunity.
-- Henri Esteban

This is probably a bit late of a post. At least it'll be posted now. ;)

So my birthday was quite a while ago (January) and since then I've acquired five ( 05 ) pairs of boots! It's only March, and five pairs in three months is pretty epic, no?

Nature Breeze in Grey. I bought them at Azhara's for $30. (Half off!)

Black combat boots. Free. A friend of mine gave them to me. :)

White Doc Martins. $75 (eBay).

Blowfish Grey 2 tone flannel. $14.99 (originally $50)

Shiekh Dark brown suede. $54
Both of the last two were given to me from my mum.

On another note, I lately read volumes 01-05 of Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi. I haven't read something like this in a really long time and it just enlightens me. I then found out the other day that there's an anime and a drama!
My dilemma though, is that I need the last three volumes. So I thought, "Hey, I'll just go to Samurai Comics and see if they have Marmalade Boy".

My naivety showing, it was just a comic store. There was a small corner of anime related merchandise, but that was pretty much it. However, my trip there did not get wasted. I found a Howl's Moving Castle puzzle for only $5:

I'm really excited for this because I love puzzles and yeah, it's a Ghibli film ! In the corner it even says "Approved by Ghibli". (Right at this moment, a HMC song came on haha!)

Since we're on a Ghbili film topic, one day I woke up and looked at my wall. I don't know if this applies to home outside of Arizona, but our walls have these blobs of shapes. I just stare for a while until I notice that one blob looks like Totoro's friend!

Sorry, my camera wouldn't focus enough because it's pretty small.

I instantly grabbed one of my ink pens and drew on some eyes! I then look somewhere else and I found the other one~

I didn't realize till now that he only has one row of those shapes. Oh well! haha.

I must find a manga store in my area soon! !

Also, I had a photo shoot with SuanTian again on Thursday. I don't have the photos yet, but just keep a look out for the post.
I'll also continue my posts of "5 Worst fashions of 2010".


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