Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worst five fashions of 2010

A friend of mine just started a blog once the new year began, and he had this cool idea of "My ten best games of 2010" and that inspired me to start "worst five fashions of 2010".

Finally, I will now talk about the worst five fashion ideas of 2010.

No. 01:

Leggings as pants.

I first saw this when it was lunch time at school. It was getting colder in AZ, so everyone was breaking out their sweaters and leggings.

Now I'm totally fine with leggings, I wear them myself. Either with shorts (when going for a Korean look or under a skirt when it gets too cold).
However, I would never be caught to wear them as a pair of pants. I just don't like the sight of skimpy fabric hugging butt cheeks.

I've seen this countless of times in 2010 with people at school. All they did was wear a longer shirt over it. It was never appealing and looked a bit trashy. Almost as bad when boys wear their pants below their butt and wear a belt at the same time.


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