Monday, October 4, 2010

Saboten Con 2010 RECAP

I'm going to try and collect all my memories from this weekend.

Disclaimer: Friday = Eventful. Saturday = mind blowing. Sunday = Sexual.

Friday -
The most eventful day.. of course. It was the Japanese Fashion show!
I didn't get to the convention area till 4.00, but I was a bit peeved (Tall-man could feel my bitterness oozing through me) about some things and I just had to get over it and cooled down.
By the time the fashion show came by, we were all heading towards the fashion show room.
I was also short of models and A and I found a guy who fit our style. I give him a HUGE THANKS (and love) for doing this for me/Dictator Fantasyland. And huge props to his friend who supported him in walking the runway.

I will be on the look out for JFashion show pictures teheh

After the show, some close friends stayed behind and I got to hug them with such passion! I haven't seen their handsome/beautiful faces in a long time. It was good flirting catching up with them.

Saturday -
I was late to the convention. I went through quite... an intense experience that hasn't really sunken in yet. On the other hand! ... I dressed up as a random JRocker/Reita inspired (nose fold) outfit, and here's my story for you:
The ladies and I went to QT before going to the convention area. I got my coffee and was waiting in line to pay. One of the workers come by and I set my drink down. He looks at me and says, "Woah... I soo don't need this right now"
I wish I had a picture to show you what I looked liked. But I didn't have a camera all weekend and didn't get to take ANY kind of photo. D:

I also hung out most of the day with Alex! He's the coolest kid on the block. I give him much credit since he introduced me to a ton of Japanese fashion enthusiast (Mister T and Benjamin, since I've mentioned them before on here)

Also had my mind blown Saturday. Setsu, told me about magic tricks by a Mister Benny Wong. Setsu was right. When I saw that first magic trick, my mind was definitely blown.

Sunday -

I also hung out some more with Alex and the amazing Filipino, Armand!!
I was sitting with Armand at his table and he had muffins. Being my odd self, I asked if he liked the top or bottom. Reply: Top I, personally, like the bottom. (hahah, totally not sexual). Then, Armand had this theory that you could twist the top of the muffin off like a bear bottle. Skeptical at first, he did it! It came out perfect and it was his first try too.

This is how amazing Armand is.

After a while or something, I went to Mister T's table and met the person he was sharing a table with. Her name is Hazel. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. CHYEA!

Then Mister Benny Wong and his friend (who's name is "Li" but... I might be wrong) was leaving back to wherever he came from. Hugs goodbye + more magic tricks = us two becoming pen pals & him receiving once of my prints :D

Mister T also came by our table finally. Good thing too, because he bought a Sex Pot ReVeNGe flannel/shirt/thing.
I must say though, he did the hottest smoothest thing that I have ever seen him do:
He went to go get more money to by the shirt and while I was waiting (I'm also on the outside of the table) I was talking to A. I couldn't hear her, so I had to bend over. With my butt open to view, Mister T very smoothly sticks the money in my butt pocket.




Though, I had slight suspicion that V could have done it, 'cause she was standing by me when it happened.

Then the Exhibitor's hall was ending and I went to say bye to everyone. I noticed however that I am pimping/dating so many people that it's not even funny anymore:
Mister T: newest hoe to the collection. we decided our sex names for each other. woah~
V: my girlfriend. she tried cheating on me with Mister Benny Wong. (oh hell nahhh jk)
Shirley: ;D It just happened. we clicked like that... so we hooked up, like that.


I think that's all I can remember. It was a pretty okay weekend. Didn't sell a lot.

J’aime tous art libre j'ai obtenu!!

-Ciao for now


  1. sounds awesome xD wish i could have gone~ ._. you sell any of the pcc leftovers?

    wow xDDD

  2. A few. A belt, feti and some buttons.

    "wow xDDD"???

  3. It becomes more sexual when you go "casual".

  4. Well thats awesome. :3 Armand is amazingggggg~!! I have yet to personally meet him but him and my friend Malachi, are friends too. xD