Saturday, August 7, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while, and when I did feel like blogging... I didn't know what to write.
On another note, Saint and Cho cam over to my house a week ago. We watched some crazy horror Korean movie [ APT - Apartment ]. the Gazette did a PV for it. Chizuru. Go watch it. We also watched DIM SCENE. In ISO. Beat that.

On other news, Saint and I got to talking on our last night together. We talked shit about Shin, told con stories and ranted a couple of times. Our friendship just got a whole lot more meaningful.
So... Shin.

I hate him so much.
Here are some stories about him/con stories.

- It was PCC '10 Japanese Fashion Show. I put together some models for Dictator Fantasyland. We were all back stage getting ready. I look over and see Cho talking to Shin. He's asking for her picture. When they're done, I walk past (all the while hoping he doesn't notice me) him, and he notices me. He asked for my picture. Not being rude, I said okay. He commented that I was next to a Hazardous sign and it got into the picture. Yay I replied. After the con w
as over, he posts a youtube video of all the pictures he took that weekend. It got to the photo's of the fashion show and Cho. I wait for mine to come up, hoping something badass. Unfortunately, it was a cosplayer. WHAT?! You don't just leave me out you ass hole. WTF. I was so polite to him, he could have been polite back by putting my picture there. Or at least sending it to me.

- Same convention. Shin does panels. Cho went to one and tells me after Sunday dinner what he did to her. Nothing drastic. Just something where I want to slit his throat with an orange slice. Cho was telling me that after the panel was over, she went around taking photos for memories since she's leaving in August. She's walking past Shin and he says, "So which of us do you like?" Or something relative to that. She has the option of him, some Asian guy and Stoner-looking guy. She looks at Stoner-guy and he just gives her that 'hey there gorgeous look'. You know the one~ Cho didn't say which one she liked, thank goodness, but since she didn't reply, Shin just gave her his number and asked her to text him if she wanted to go to dinner with them. My reply to all of this: Ohhhhh hellll nooo. to Shin: You do not hit on my hyung-nim. I will kick yer ass~ Yes... my dream will have
to wait.

- Same convention again~ We all have an artist alley table. We're sharing it with the lovely GF. (Not girlfriend). She's also friends with Shin and Stoner-guy. Although Shin never came to out table, it seemed that Stoner-guy was always there. He's fine and all, but he had the biggest fashion faux pas on Sunday. He wore blue denim pants, a black shirt and... a blue denim jacket. I dunno about you, but that is just AWKWARD.
Moving on, he kept hitting on Cho. I didn't like that. As you can tell, I am very protective of her. Even to the UMC. (If I see anyone hitting on you, I will get in there face. It just shows how much I love you~). Another thing, he kept confusing me with another person. My response to that? Yer face is weird man.

Oh how I love conventions.

I know I have more con stories. I just can't remember them all. xD I'll just dedicate the androgynousism stories on a later date.

One last note.
I said I would show you a sneak peek of that Story book photo shoot I did with a friend. Here's my favorite photo:

Guess who's gloves?!

Also had a photo shoot last night. SuanTian and I got some awesome shots with the intense weather/clouds. The wind was really blowing! (messing up my "awesome" hair~ )
I should I have those photos within a week! !

-Ciao for now


  1. nice xD how is it that the most unfortunate con moments involve Shin?

    yup that was a good talk <3

    guess whos gloves?GEE I DUNNO!?!? 8DD xD

  2. Seriously!~ He just brings everything down. D:

    IT WAS TJ! XDD (that'll never get old)