Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's been at least a week since I started school. I'm kind of glad that I have something to do in the morning, but then there Freshmen there. And when I say Freshmen, I not only mean the fresh meat, I also mean anyone else at that school who makes me frustrated//pisses me off in general.

Here's one scenario:
Last class of the day, English. Teacher "O" tells us to take out paper. We're going to have a quiz-like thing~ Basically, she told us to write the right words when she said a sentence. Number one was "your" and number two was "you're". When she finished her sentence for number two, a guy, two seats behind me whispers "there are two different yours?"


OMFG. Are you serious?!? Epic face palm, really.

English gives me a headache now.

Which moves us along to something that I've noticed. When I'm in a regular class, students don't act their age/school year. When I'm in
an advance class, all them don't act their age... PLUS their are so f**kin' cocky about being soooo smart~ They don't even help out the ones who have trouble because they're so full of themselves.
I don't see a win-win situation.

To let out my steam I listen to GDragon or any other K-Pop artist.

-Ciao for now

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  1. sadly there never is a win-win ._.

    *well its my parents phone but WHATEVER!! 8DD