Sunday, August 29, 2010

the Farthest

"This is the farthest end
Nowhere to go
All hope disappears in front of me
Nobody can hear my grievous scream from a place like this
in the dark"

DELUHI - the Farthest

This photo shoot was inspired by the Farthest PV. Here I will give my top favorite photos, and the outtakes plus commentary!

Enjoyed that? No? Then these outtakes are going to make you laugh yer ass off.

We finally finished taking pictures in that crack shack. See it? Yeah, it's right there~ We went to these sand dunes and they were hard to climb. All I know is that, one leg up = easy crotch access. Even Mister T (right) is doing it. Benjamin didn't fall either.

Myself starting to pimp Benjamin and Mister T. It was a very successful day. I'm pimping two new hoes, and Mister T found a Chihuahua skull! As you could have seen up in my favorite photo section.

I have my SRS business face on. Mister T is wanting a little extra cash for my services? Benjamin... you can decide what he's doing. hahah

Photographer, SuanTian, asked me to do a G face. Straight up moth-aah-faah-kuuh. Although, we couldn't contain ourselves.

"Larxy... how come yer always in the middle?" "... huh?" "Yer the vocalist now of this band" "Cool"
It was hot.

Benjamin: "the sun... whhhyyy AZ whhhyyy"
Larxy: "Vagina lickin' frenzy... ! ! "
Mister T: " nyan nyan"

"Larxy get over here!" "Ehhh..." "We'll start without you!" "I'm coommmmiiinngg" They laughed.

Getting my funk on? Touching Benjamin's butt? (It looks like he's enjoying it) Smelling Mister T? (He's enjoying it). You could say I'm getting my funk on.

Benjamin: I see what yer doing over thurr.

I wonder what was so funny.

Unenthusiastic salsa clap. ahaha

Here's a nice photo of Benjamin!

and look what Mister T and I were doing. Sorry!

In the end, we were all tired out....


No, not really. We were just messing with our clothes.

I'd like to thank Benjamin and Mister T for coming out to the location and spending a hot day outside just to model. I'd also like to thank SuanTian for shooting this shoot! As she has done most of my past photo shoots.

Please check SuanTian's work:

Mister T: Varying scoop neck shirts, cardigan, multiple scarves, black puffy pants & pointed boots.
Benjamin: Black jacket with B&W scarf, black jeans and steel-toed boots.
Larxy: Red tartan scoop jacket, (hand made by a lovely friend) Black Jeans & Creepers.

It was a long wait, but I hope it was worth it!

-Ciao for now

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  1. i approve of this photo shoot greatly. win pictures are win. chihuahua skull?...thats most excellent xDD i do love that focusie picture with it th~~ awwweeeesome~ once again, i approve :DDD