Thursday, August 26, 2010

New !

New banner for fall/September. I just couldn't wait till September came around, so I changed it.

Banner is from the latest photo shoot I had with Benjamin Valencia and Mister T. I'm really [really ] in love with this photo. By far one of my favorites. (This is the first time that it has been publicly shown. Enjoy it !)

You all will just have to wait till I finish editing the ones I like haha. Hopefully it will be soon! I have out take photos I want to share. As a hint though, it has to do with me being a pimp most of the time. (When am I ever not?)

Any updates?
- I have about a month to finish prints and cosplays for Saboten 2010.
- Je n'aime pas l'ecole. (I hope I said that correctly//who doesn't~)
- My best friends moved out of state. It's time to make new close ones!
-Harry Potter. I've been reading them.
- I'm addicted to Taio Cruz.

Until I figure out this bloody template thing--

-Ciao for now!


  1. whaaa~~ i approve very much <3 amazing!!~~ whhaaa excellent window is excellent! soo your taking french then after all?

  2. Thhaaankkss! It's also my desktop~ xDD That's how much I love it haha
    Oui! It's a bit frustrating since I also have to memorize a lot of Anatomy stuff. But I will succeed!