Sunday, August 1, 2010

Androgynous Tales

It's time to tell tales of my adventures at local anime/manga/comic conventions ! ! There are... copious stories, but I think you'll enjoy them. I will not mention names of the people in my stories, but you may also know who they are. Whether you get angry about it, I don't really care.

- Heh. PCC'10 and I leave our AA table in search for something; nonetheless, to look at this one fine piece of flesh. Not even getting that far from the table, I see an old school friend of mine. She, of course, looks as dorky as I remember. But as I walk past her, a friend pats her and says, "Is that a man or women?" all the while pointing at me. Am I ashamed? No. Am I shocked? Definitely not. So I reach this old friend now (she does not recognize me~) and she literally had to think for a few seconds whether I was a man or women. I passed her smirking.

Larxy: 01
Strangers: 0

- PCC'10. I'm in my debuting Taion cosplay. We just arrived at the convention and we're all carrying table items. Saint's dad is in the lead... he takes really long strides even for me. Trying to catch up to him, I get stopped by this young Trekky. He asked if he can have a picture. Arms full and brain not fully awake, I denied him. Although, I did tell him to find me in the Exhibitor hall.After a while, he shows up and gets my photo. Then he tells asks me, "Is it okay if I hang around for a while?" Not being rude, I said sure.

Awkward silence.

Getting my Asian Persuasion on, I asked what would make me happy right now. He was intrigued, and wondered what it could be. I told him, if he wanted to make my day, he should buy my print. He then says that he'll have to ask a friend for money and leaves. He never came back....

I got rid of him.

Larxy: 02
Strangers: 0

TVXQ approves!

This game is getting fun!

- Same convention. I see a familiar fellow, Lacey (when we think of him, we think lace). He has some okay cosplays and he's wearing one that fits him most. Lacey is at Mister T's table and I stride over to him. We have an intense conversation, even though I can barely hear him through fan girl cries over Mister T. All I know is that I'm working my charm, he is too, and...

we just corrupted a little boy.

How you ask? Because Lacey and I were close. Bodies almost touching close. Smirking at all times. Plus the fact that Lacey is a man, and that I look like one. Little boy didn't look so shocked as I thought. Maybe a bit intrigued? Two "men" so close. BAM! Little boy is thinking about boys.

Maybe that happened through his head. It sure looked like it did through his eyes.

Larxy: 2.5? [ corrupting is not what I signed up for when being that androgynous ]
Strangers: 0

One last story~
- PCC'09. My second fashion show. I wasn't even TRYING to look like a guy. One, I was wearing a bra. Two, one can obviously see that I have boobs. So when I walked out on the run way, why was it that the fan girls behind my friends said/screamed/whatever, "That guy is SO HOT!" ???
Seriously?! I wasn't even trying ! ~
That is the day my androgynous side was born. I guess that was a good thing. I can now work it with any gender. But in the end, I am strictly dickly.


Larxy: 2.5
Stragners: 01

To understand the ploy is perfect, watch:

-Ciao for now

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  1. omg xDD you never told me about the frist one XD win. *at least i dun think you did... ._.

    i wholeheartedly approve of this blog post~