Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's dynamite

Today was the last day I would officially hang out with my bestie, Cho. She's leaving for college in Georgia. I'm going to miss her so hard.

We first went to Lee Lee's and I took advantage of that to get me some Boba. hehe. I also bought some paper stars that I can fold. I'm very excited to start them ! !

We then went to the nearest mall. I seriously need to buy some jeans. Here are some pictures to show you what we found at Forever 21 (they had a sale// we also went to Victoria's Secret, but we thought wise to not take pictures of that hahah).

First outfits- Larxy: dark blue skinny jeans, fairy tee (old navy) and a orange-plaid vest with hoodie. Cho: PARIS tee that I chose for her, black leggings.

Second outfit ! (like my KB stripped socks? )

Third outfit- Larxy: Hwang Tae kyung inspired jacket thing. I did not know how to wear that haha.
Cho: Dark blue skinny jeans and white coat. (both on sale! very nice).

Fourth outfit: BEE MINE tee. I llooovvee this shirt/Bee's in general/yellow-black color scheme. I didn't get it though.

While waiting for my sister to try on an outfit, Cho and I find these shoes. In reality, I am a typical girl who LOVES shoes, and I instantly fell in love with these:

It pains me that I didn't get them. They're sooo classy.

Cho and I saw this by the elevator outside of Forever 21. I gotta do this one day.

We then lost track of half our group, so we had to search the mall. It was flippin' insane. I got frustrated after a while.

"This is getting old" -- Larxy tired of walking everywhere.

In the end, my sister found them and the guy treated us to dinner at Red Robins! YUM!

Some root beer floats! (which I don't actually like~)

Cho and I found those photo booths at the mall, but we totally forgot to go back and get some for memories. So while we waited at Red Robins, we just took some photos there hahah. Check it out, we do the "Reita" in the last photo.

I had an amazing time today! I'm going to miss Cho and all my fellow college friends so much. Good luck everyone! I know you'll hit up college hard. hahah.

-Ciao for now



    But now I've found my new favorite jeans.:p I guess all that walking was worth the free meal..? XD But now I feel so EXHAUSTED! Dx *dies on floor

    Btw, stealing our makeshift booth pics! Imma put it as my prof pic LOL

  2. please tell me you bought those shoes because they are win. annnd i totally want that one white jacket that cho's wearing~~ good find!


  3. I didn't DDD:
    It was a good find! I was soo jealous xD