Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Je voudrais...

...un montre !!

Korean culture has finally taken it's toll on my life. Hopefully for the better though! ( although my opening is in French!? )

How would it be for the better though? If it's an obsession, that isn't healthy, right?


Sometimes obsessions aren't healthy for the body, but if they get someone to do something active, it's helping them. And by them, I mean me~

( and not just the dancing in front of the mirror )

My first accomplishment was Gee by SNSD aka Girl's Generation.
I only learned up to the chorus though D:

My second one is NU ABO by f(x).
and I am past the chorus!! YER YER YER!

I don't know what it is about NU ABO. Either the odd hopping parts or the fact that I get to lift my shirt.
Some other dances I want to learn:

SNSD - Oh! and Run Devil Run
Rainbow - A
T-Ara - I go Crazy because of You
Lee Jung Hyun - Suspicious Man
4 Minute - HUH/hit your heart

[ my more unachievable list ]

TVXQ - Mirotic & Wrong Number
SHINee - Lucifer
SS501 - Love like This
GDragon - Heartbreaker

You guys should vote on which one in the side barrrrr :D

Uhh, onto my Korean obsession... it's more of a SNSD obsession.
My persona on firefox, icon for my computer, and desktop is all SNSD related.

Yeah, you see that picture on the right?
That's Jessica. I find her more appealing than the other members of SNSD. It's probably the fact that she can pull off the blonde. * ^ *

I will learn Korean and go abroad after art school! CHYEAH!

-Ciao for now ;D

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