Friday, October 15, 2010

Response to Debauchery Shop

Dear GodPop,

It's understandable for women (and even men) to dress in uniform to appeal to others. The first thing that pops into my head for that is job interviews. Showing others how responsible ( and clean xD) they are. It may be uniform, but you know me, I like to add a little flavor of myself into what I'm wearing. Some kind of focal point that shows, "She can think for herself and she has the confidence of that".

Which now makes me think Lady Gaga. Yes, it's a never ending cycle of people not being unique and thinking for themselves, but why can't people think for themselves? Why is it so hard for people to stand out? Why must they be part of the norm? (questions I'll be thinking over to show emotions in our photo shoot later haha )

As for men... I don't have deep experiences with them, but... I try to look at them in the better light. Your view and say... my sisters view on men have influenced my opinion on men. With your influence, I know that there are men out there who can be hurtful, then with my sisters influence, I have a more open mind that there also men out there who can be actual gentlemen and be all chivalrous (and all that fun jazz).
With that in mind, I think that's why I'm such a huge flirt/all talk. I'm comfortable with making sensual jokes towards them, but I'm not going to give up something I don't believe in. (I hope that sentence makes sense to you/others reading this).

All this considered, this is why I have older friends. They give me their input on their life and how life was like before, and I take that in and try not to do the same thing. But I still am a teen and sometimes I can't control myself (with my anger most of the time).

Ciao for now,

PS. This song has definitely oozed out a certain emotion which I feel goes along with what we're talking about.

Infinity - The XX

[ thanks to Benjamin & Kim from Resonance ]

To Readers:
This also relates to "Let's Start a Controversy" that was started by "Men: source of anger and motivation" by GodPop. Please read those if you're interested.
Yes, we are arguing.

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  1. Civil argument? Blog war? I wonder what the story behind this is.