Sunday, October 24, 2010



I spent my day yesterday in Tempe. Probably the life of Arizona (because the west side is a bit boring). I met up with Armand and designed some outfits for him. He really likes my plaid jacket [ you know the one ;D ] and... I'm going to make him one! Maybe not plaid though... we'll see.
I've always thought about living in Tempe when I was done with high school or college. Getting a condo and art-ing the crap out of it. Then I thought, "this is Arizona though. Why would I come back?"

I don't think I want to. The only reason I would is to visit, or if a family member/close friend went terribly ill and I just have to come back.

1 and half more year till I'm done with high school! ( cough, I was only 2 when Armand graduated high school LOLOLOL! )
Where am I going? What is my ideal career?

Art/Fashion school fo-sho! Either in California or Columbia right now.
Such far off places, yesh!
( you can just message me on other social networks if you want to know more :D )

but uh, my only problem with those two is that I have no idea what high school requirements are needed cos they never have them on their sites @ @;;

Other news:
I'm having a photo shoot in November on the light rail with friends in Tempe. I'm excited for it, I just have to get some fun stripe material for my skirt and finish it. : D

And a TBA photo shoot with Benjamin (middle person in my banner, hey ;D) I really love this photo

so we're going to do something similar to this.
This is quite a huge step in my modeling time (the nudeness), but... that's really the only concern of mine. I'm okay with the closeness and butt grab.
I gotta think about it.


I'm pretty surprised that I'm doing more girl cosplays. I think it's a sign that I am getting girlier. Or the fact that I see JRock cosplays more of my style/everyday wear. I dunno.
I'll have an epic cosplay for PCC 2011.
I think I'll be attending Comicon in San Diego. I might also have more than one/two ticket(s), so anyone who can drive me there can get that ticket. :D

I SPEAK IT. but not fluently.
Oh yes ;D

-Tchao for now



    *come to california~~~~ i need a flat mate~~ xD Columbia..?

  2. A FLAT?! It sounds so much fun!

    Columbia: Columbus College of Art & Design :D