Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's start a Controversy

My partner in crime, GodPop posted on her blog entitled, MEN: source of anger and motivation.
All in all, she talked about how men are pigs and in her art, that is where her motivation comes. Putting men down and being ashamed of themselves.

At the end, she asked:
"What is a main motivator that you want to create/look for in yours/others' art?"
At first, I was going to answer in that small comment box, but it started to get long. In conclusion, this post is dedicated to her since it's my answer to her question, but if you're reading this, and not GodPop, that's fine too.

It's a great way to knowing who I am as an artist.
My motivation, is like GodPop's, except towards women. Don't get me wrong, I like being a female, showing off what I have, and in general, just being a girl.
Nevertheless, celebrities influence society and society looks down upon anyone who doesn't follow them. Especially with women. Women now use their bodies as accessories and the norm of most women/girls want to be like that.
"Why can't people think for themselves?"
A question that always haunts me.

So my common theme in my art, fashion designs and how I dress and support myself are always filled with lingering questions that I find intriguing, depressing, or just plain simple. The only reason why one other person might not understand is because I'm the only one who has the answers to them.


-Ciao for now


  1. omfgggg. i wanna learn dances sooo bad. but i suck at dancing ~ hahahaha. LETS ALL GO TO KOREA~ ! <3

  2. This is getting interesting.
    So basically, you're saying that they follow an order, like a standard set of female cultural norm (particularly in America, right? or in general?) in which they are "imitating another sister's natural, who isn't even in their natural state in the first place". (see Slip of the Tongue by Adriel Luis) I know what you mean by why people can't think for themselves.

  3. I'm speaking more towards America since that is where we live and America is such a dominant country. (hehehe, dominatrix anyone?)
    Yes yes yes to "imitating another sister's natural, who isn't even in their natural state in the first place"
    Like the first thing that popped into my head was high school. Everyone looks the same with their nasty bumps and fake flannels and they all want to be like the person standing next to them. Which goes into people not thinking for themselves~